A Virtual Shark Tank for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Thousands of brilliant ideas go unnoticed every year. Entrepreneurs with big dreams are forced back into the corporate world without ever getting to share their gifts and talents with the world. Startups without proper funding and publicity are dead in the water. And it isn’t a lack of investors causing the problem.

With thousands of startups looking for investors, currently there is no way for them to get in front of the right investors without spending more time networking with investors than actually building out their projects. Likewise, there is no quick, low touch way for investors to find the companies they might be interested in backing. Via the ever-more-popular token sale, blockchain technology is already starting to change all of that.Pitch Investors Live has created a solution to allow for startups to pitch investors live in a quick, low time commitment manner.

A Platform Where Everyone Wins

So, how does this work? Think “Shark Tank” … but on the Blockchain. The theme of the popular TV show revolves around entrepreneurs convincing investors to put their money behind their product or service. Not only do investors get a chance to get in on startups that will go on to be successful and turn large profits, but the money invested allows these startups to develop wings when they never would have without the publicity and funding. The problem is that the vast majority of startups and entrepreneurs can’t ever get onto Shark Tank’s stage. Where does that leave them?

The team over at Pitch Investors Live aims to give entrepreneurs and project teams the opportunity to present to experts, in front of an audience. And the blockchain technology makes it easy for either the investor or the audience to buy tokens from the presenting team using smart contracts. And investors don’t have to be tech savvy to use the platform. Non-technical people will be able to buy tokens from the projects they like and provide those budding entrepreneurs the chance to prove themselves to their potential customers.

Through the Pitch Investors Live platform, entrepreneurs create summaries of their product or service and investors are easily able to sort through and find the ones they are interested in speaking to about a potential investment. The entrepreneur is notified of the interest, and the two parties go live online where all followers can tune in. As the live audience watches, they can choose to buy tokens from the presenting party.

“Our intention is to create a fair, neutral platform that exposes and highlights great projects and encourages public discussion of their merits and faults in a way that can be easily understood by normal, non-technical people,” according to the company.

Investors find projects, and entrepreneurs find investors. Everyone wins.

Entrepreneurs on a Mission

Matthew Lally and Jonathan Foltz are the brains behind the operations and the founders of Pitch Investors Live. They observed firsthand how broken the current systems are for funding projects, and they plan to obliterate the existing system and connect entrepreneurs and investors from around the world so that innovative ideas can actually make it to the market.

Since both Lally and Foltz are passionate about and experienced with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, marrying the two passions made a lot of sense.

“Our platform will not just empower entrepreneurs around the world, but it will help just about anyone become more informed about cryptocurrency projects”, Matthew explains. “This single platform has the ability to educate, inform and entertain users in a way that has not been done yet in the crypto and blockchain space”, said Jonathan.

Lally brings his tech experience to the table through his background of creating many iOS/Android/web apps, becoming an early blockchain expert and being fluent in several programming languages. Foltz has started multiple companies in the technology, education ,eCommerce and the digital spaces. Advisors include Justin Wu, Forbes Riley and others. Together, Lally, Foltz and team have created a platform that will fit into a world that is headed in a brand new direction. The blockchain is the future, and investors and entrepreneurs alike will succeed.

Benefits for Users

Pitch Investors Live is for everyone. From the small side hustle to the larger businesses that are doing well in traditional spaces to innovative projects in the blockchain space, the platform will work for everyone. Entrepreneurs and startups will benefit from gaining exposure in front of potential investors, receiving critical feedback that can be used to improve their product or service, and be given the opportunity to bootstrap and get funding for their ventures.

On the flip side, investors also benefit. The platform gives the opportunity to do live pitches from within a mobile app, find innovative projects to invest in before they go mainstream, gain exposure as a prominent investor, be able to educate the the public while also gaining knowledge about new and amazing startups and more. Investors also get rewarded with PITCH tokens from the platform just for taking pitches.


Pitch Investors Live is changing the vision for entrepreneurs all over the world, regardless of demographic, race, ethnicity, geographic location and background. While Shark Tank will continue to fund the dreams of a few lucky entrepreneurs, Pitch Investors Live will be able to help thousands more take the leap of faith and create the life and business they want and deserve.

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