A Wanderlust Showing Us the Reality of the World

Content creators go out of their way to bring us their perspective of the world. They offer a piece of their creativity and imagination. Often, they create something out of the ordinary. But few have a story as unusual as Steven Franz. 

Steven Franz is a 24-year-old content creator on various social media platforms. He primarily focuses on conducting public interviews. You can see him interacting with the people, and he is not afraid to ask them questions. No, not simple question, but something that some would refer to as ‘quirky.’ The content certainly focuses on humor and entertainment, but Franz is trying to get deeper.

He is attempting to show us real pieces of the world. It’s not the world we get to see hyped up in television series, magazines, or travel articles. He is bringing us the ground-based reality without any unnecessary highlights. What does it mean?

The Power to Connect With Millions

Infected with an everlasting wanderlust, Franz often travels the world and explores new destinations. He is a licensed skydiver and a scuba diver, so we know he is a thrill-seeker.

Franz has shown us the glimpse of the downtown clubs, or something right into the mall with an array of creative pranks. That’s not all! He goes an extra mile to cover primarily unfiltered behaviour and opinions of people. As you watch his videos, you realize that the world is full of interesting, diverse or even crazy personalities.

Things that you might find weird or awkward might be fun for someone else. That’s when you realize that you’re not alone in the world. There are people out there who are just like you and that’s the beauty which Franz manages to capture in his simple yet appealing videos.

What’s His Source of Motivation?

Franz is driven by a belief that he owes it to his followers to stay consistent and sharp. We have seen him take things to the next level when he attempted to be the Tiger King, or Lil Pump. That’s right! He is not afraid to experiment and explore the depths of possibilities. More than that, he is not afraid to show us his failures either. That’s what helps him connect with us. As he believes, nobody should give up due to failures, but learn from it and move forward.

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