Aakash Kumar Jha: Redefining the Rituals of Digital Entrepreneurship

In today’s increasingly competitive world of business, branding, promotion and digital advertising are quickly turning into necessities. Nowadays, in order to sell your item, you need to promote the individual behind it, and promote their personal brand to make them widely known. It can take years. Of trial and error to learn how to effectively market your product and personal brans, which of course is less than ideal for entrepreneurs.  Thankfully there are many digital marketers out there, although not all have the skills to take you from zero to tycoon. One such digital marketers who does though is Aakash Kumar Jha, often referred to as the youngest digital entrepreneur.

Making a Mark

Only 19 years of age, Jha is already making waves globally in the online sphere.  Unbeknownst to his guardians, Jha had been diligently learning new skills each day and began applying them for various projects, which is how his journey started. Within just a few years, Jha has become extremely popular in his field and runs his own digital marketing agency, Flying Digital, leading the digital marketing sphere in India. Today’s businesses are having to become accustomed to being versatile, however Aakash feels India is yet to comprehend the intensity of web-based advertising. He hopes that Flying Digital will help more Indian businesses will adopt this mindset and realize the importance of the online advantages working with him will bring to them.

Doing Things Differently

“I always knew that I wanted to try to do something different,” Jha says. “I got bit by the technology bug bit me at a really young age. People called me a geek, but I wore that name proudly,” he says.  Jha never saw himself amongst the brightest students in class, and used to think he never had any special skills.  “I joined Aviation institute which was my biggest mistake ever. It was there that I had hit my lowest point, and felt that there was no ray of hope,” Jha recalls. “But as they say, it’s always the darkest before the dawn. I picked myself up, and started to grind and promised myself to keep hustling day and night,” he states.

Final Thoughts

Knowing his line of work relies on having hardworking individuals by his side, Jha has managed to bring on some of the brightest digital minds in India. In addition to this Jha has also created his own digital magazine, Vanity Stardom.  Using this platform and other digital marketing techniques, Jha and his Flying Digital team have put numerous celebrities, corporations and firms on the map. To further give back to his community, Jha gives back through his Flying Hand Organisation, to aid those in need. Jha is truly shaping up to be one of India’s great businessmen.

If you want to learn more about Aakash Kumar Jha, head over to his Instagram.

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