Aaryan Kapoor, a Film Director and Writer, is a Rising Name in the Bollywood Industry

Aaryan Kapoor is known for his TV commercials, ads, along with the hit movie Jogan in which the actor Prashanth Narayana played the lead role. Apart from his skills in writing and direction, he has also founded an acting institute in Udaipur, Rajasthan. His institute “Aaryan Kapoor Film and Television Acting Institute” is a place to go for all those from Rajasthan wanting to start a career in Bollywood.

Born and brought up in Rajasthan, Aaryan Kapoor since childhood, has been fond of cinema and the glam world. After completing his basic education, he took up writing and directing courses and got vocational training in these fields.

To try his luck and fulfil his childhood desire, Aaryaan finally moved to Mumbai in 2007, the heart of the Indian Film industry, with his plans to become a director. It has been quite some years now since Aaryan Kapoor successfully established himself in the industry. He is now considered a pro and has received much acclaim for his work.

As we all know nothing comes easily and to reach success, we have to face hardship and many obstacles in our way. But his determination, will power and passion to do something in the film industry have led him to create a place for himself in the glam world.

In the beginning, he started his journey, as an assistant director to many famous directors in their work and has been part of many super-hit movies. He has also been independently directing some serials and TV ads.

Very recently he has been signed by producer Rana Bhatia of Infinity Ventures to direct a song featuring the famous singer Ankit Tiwari which will be releasing soon. According to Aaryan, it’s a sad romantic song- the typical Ankit Tiwari style. Aaryan says it is his direction in this, which will make it a very special and one-of-a-kind musical video.

He says this will be a memorable music video with Ankit Tiwari and he is really fortunate to work on this project with the legendary singer. This also gives Aryan the chance to begin his journey in the music industry. Apart from this Aryan has been doing many commercials ads and some of them to mention like UM Motors commercial, AAR KAY VOX commercials and many more. Aaryan has great prospects in writing and direction. We wish him all the best for his upcoming song with Ankit Tiwari and his movie Jogan.

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