Abbas Rizvi’s Instagram Account Got Hacked

If you are a friend, family, or a close associate of Abbas Rizvi, the chances are that you are aware of how his Instagram account was hacked. Thankfully, all is back to normal now, and the account has been restored with the aid of Instagram support.

You can now access the beloved Instagram account of Abbas Rizvi and enjoy stunning updates on his photography and cinematography exploits without the fear of running into scammers ploys.

Abbas Rizvi’s Instagram account hacked: how it happened

When you have established authority in your career line and are making waves, you immediately become an attraction to virtually everyone. While a significant number of the people that gravitate towards you have positive intentions, others foster/nurse negative thoughts about you.

Abbas Rizvi, the iconic cinematographer as the world has come to know him got his fair share of the alarming spike in internet scam worldwide.

His Instagram account got hacked after being tricked into submitting both his password and username in expectation of getting verified. The scammer presented himself as an affiliate of Instagram and provided links to a supposed “ Instagram help portal” to fill in his password and username.

Upon filling out your login details, the scammer will immediately copy from their end and use the information to log into your account. Once they gain access to your Instagram account, they will take control of it and begin to make advances towards extorting money from you.

In Abbas’s Rizvi’s case, the scammer contacted him almost immediately after getting the username and password and demanded money. Strange!

The scammer went on about how he can restore Abbas’s Rizvi’s account for five hundred dollars (500 USD) which soon became three hundred dollars (300 USD) after negotiations.

Unknowing to the scammer, Abbas Rizvi was only engaging him in conversations to buy enough time to contact Instagram support. After series of messages, Rizvi finally got across to Instagram support and laid his complaint about how his account got hacked.

Meanwhile, the hacker who didn’t know that the jig is up was still basking in his ignorance. He continued sending messages that implied he was only after money and how if the amount demanded is not paid, he will start to delete the post on the account and most likely sell it off.

While Rizvi continually engaged the hacker in a discussion about getting proof that the account is still accessible and how he intends to help secure the account from future attacks, the Instagram support team was working from their end to salvage the situation and reverse the account to Abbas Rizvi.

At one point, the hacker provided a screenshot of the hacked account and details on how he would like to be paid in bitcoins via

Thankfully, the stalling technique Abbas Rizvi adopted (all thanks to the proactiveness) paid off when he got the confirmation from Instagram support that his account details have been verified. As a result, he can regain access to his account.

They (speaking of the Instagram support team) sent a recovery link via email, and it didn’t take long for Abbas Rizvi to get his Instagram account restored.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

It may have taken 48 hours to recover Abbas’ Rizvi’s account, but all the mental and emotional strain was a lesson painfully learned. However, Abbas Rizvi Instagram profile is back, up and running.

Patience is a virtue: it takes patience to recover a hacked Instagram account

After engaging the hackers for at least 48 hours and when Rizvi finally got the recovery link from the Instagram help desk, it all came down who will beat the other person to change the password.

It felt like a roller coaster and a race to change the password, but the Instagram support team was way ahead in the game, and their superior technology and expertise were no match for the hackers.

Funnily enough, the hackers were still sending messages about how they can regain access to the account and make higher demands. Rizvi was still getting notifications about login activity how they were making failed attempts at regaining access.

Today, all that is in the past and Abbas Rizvi’s Instagram account is safe and secured. All wedding photos, portfolios, videos, and profile information are available for viewing and just a click away.

A big thumbs up to the Instagram support team

No doubt, Instagram is a vast and profitable marketplace for businesses to thrive in. It caters to virtually all the marketing needs of businesses across almost every facet of human endeavors, including cinematography — photography, and videography.

Thanks to the ingenious teams and technology, they are taking practical steps to reinforce business security and privacy. As a result, compared to before, it’s becoming easier to recover hacked accounts from the grasp of hackers and ill-minded entities online.

A recent report by showed that one can still recover hacked Instagram account regardless of whether the hackers have changed the email address or phone number.

Instagram has shown an unwavering commitment to providing customers with responsive and robust support at all times. Their responsiveness was critical to the recovery of Abbas Rizvi’s hacked account. For that and several acts of commitment and professionalism, we say kudos to the Instagram support team.

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