Abby Kheir Shares 5 Raging Fashion Trends in 2021

Abby Kheir shares 5 raging fashion trends in 2021

Getting a bonus or raise at work is one thing, but being treated to designer handbags and shoes is almost unheard of, not to forget the first-class flights! No wonder that Abby Kheir’s staff calls her the ‘World’s best boss.’ Breaking the mold of conservative culture, Kheir created the clothes she wanted to see, not what others expected women to wear.

By embracing this fearlessness, Kheir went from owning a small boutique in Sydney when she was 21 to owning a multimillion-dollar fashion empire at 42. Her designs are favored by A-listers such as the Kardashians, Sofia Richie, and Adrian Lima. If you are looking for the hottest fashion trends of 2021, Kheir is happy to share some tips with you.

Attention-Grabbing Designs

A confident woman should wear clothes that celebrate her confidence, not hide it. Look for clothing that makes a statement and tells the world who you are without saying a word. Kheir designs amazing suits that are strong, sexy, and beautifully cut. Think of it as a power suit for today’s women.

Bold Fabrics

The simplest and most timeless garment can be given new life with bold fabrics. Not flashy, mind you, but bold while still being tasteful – think the classic black dress but in bright crimson or navy dress pants revamped to a cerulean hue. For prints, reimagine the classic houndstooth but in purple and green instead of black and white.


Khloe Kardashian recently dazzled in a pewter-colored gown from Kheir’s Arabian Nights collection. The floor-length skirt featured a waist-high slit on one side, and the asymmetrical top was cut out and wrapped around one shoulder. Attention-grabbing design: check. Bold fabric: check. Daring and sexy while remaining elegant: absolutely! Cutouts, when well-designed, can add that bit of sultriness without the sleaze.

Figure-Hugging Fits

Love your curves and show them off in close-fitting clothing. Please be sure to get the right size, and don’t intentionally squeeze yourself into something too small; it isn’t a good look. Correctly fitted clothes can look great on almost anyone. Sofia Richie sported one of Kheir’s gowns that was equal parts simple and stunning. The second-skin black dress was adorned with silver foil florals, a simple curved neckline, and tiny spaghetti straps—the final effect: gorgeous and sexy yet timeless.

Stunning Accessories

It is no secret that Kheir loves designer handbags. Her extensive collection is worth about $280,000, and she loves gifting them to her staff. If you are among the (many) people who can’t afford an iconic Birkin bag, fear not, you still have options. High-end shoes and bags usually consist of classic cuts and design features. A classic high-heel pump can look great at $20 or $200. A rectangular handbag with a small handle designed for carrying instead of slunk across the shoulder can look chic with nearly any outfit. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to accessorize like a celebrity.

If you want to look fabulous in 2021 and draw attention away from the mask, these five trends by Abby Kheir will certainly help you do so. We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but there is no reason people can’t look fantastic when they want to.

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