Abdelaziz Ben Ferjani’s “Collaboration Over Competition” Approach – Creating a Marketing Empire Through Business Partnerships

In the eyes of many, business is a game of competition between companies with similar products or services. Co-founder of Digital Phosphenes and marketing expert Abdelaziz Ben Ferjani, however, prefers a collaborative mindset instead. He and his partner, Seif Eddine Mezzi, view everything as a collaborative opportunity and are building a marketing empire based on their “Collaboration Over Competition” philosophy.

Why business collaboration is the best approach

“A mentor of mine used to say, ‘winners collaborate, losers compete’. My mission is to create a marketing empire built on partnership and joint ventures where all parties win.

The way Abdelaziz suggests doing this is by forming strategic alliances with agencies, companies, and individuals with whom you can have mutually beneficial business relationships.

“For instance, a ghostwriting agency and a PR firm serve the same clients and have a symbiotic relationship, which allows for many opportunities. Each of the two entities will not only be able to provide tremendous value to the other’s clients through their services but also by working together, they will be able to create additional value that wasn’t there before—such as coordinating PR releases and campaigns with the book release, blending both into one highly efficient campaign.”

“This not only adds value to the client but also commercially benefits both agencies. They are not only sending each other clients they would not have acquired otherwise but are also providing each other with more revenue sources. The ghostwriting agency helps the PR firm make an additional chunk of money upfront and the PR firm is helping the ghostwriting agency add a recurring source of revenue through their retainer-based services.”

His different business partnership structures

Abdelaziz does this mainly through two methods, Joint-Ventures and Strategic Partnerships.

Joint-Ventures or J.V for short are partnerships between 2 businesses that are servicing or working with the same type of clients, ideally at the same price point.

These J.Vs are mainly structured in one of two ways: referral partnerships or Whitelabel partnerships.

The first consists of referring each other clients on a commission basis. Abdelaziz recommends a recurring (if possible) gross revenue percentage here. With a gross revenue percentage, you eliminate any possibility of unethical behavior, and the recurring part is what keeps the other party motivated to keep referring business.

On the other hand, Whitelabel deals are when one or both parties offer the partner’s product or service under their own brand name while using the partner as their fulfillment partner.

Lastly, Strategic Partnerships are similar to Joint-Ventures, except that they are with individuals instead of companies or agencies.

Abdelaziz is on the lookout for more ambitious partners

Having just launched a brand-new Social Media Viral Growth service and finalized exclusive deals with several publications, the young entrepreneur is looking for more ambitious partners who want to help each other reach even higher levels.

His ambition is to not only create a marketing empire built upon collaboration and helping each other reach new heights, but also make a huge positive impact in the world through helping other great companies and individuals at scale with his partners.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Abdelaziz, you can reach out to him via Instagram @abdelaziz.ferjani or on his Linkedin account. You can also learn more about Abdelaziz’s agency, Digital Phosphenes, by visiting their website.

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