Abdullah Mehmood: Time Management Is The Most Important Thing One Must Possess

Social media marketing is one such industry that is growing every day with technological evolution. With all the diversification that is taking place nowadays, people are able to acquire any service or commodity they require at the comfort of their homes. Abdullah Mehmood – digital marketing expert, forex trader, business coach, and the owner of multiple YouTube cash cow channels – shares with us how staying focused on what matters has helped him in his journey, especially while starting out.

At just 18 years, Mehmood, a young serial entrepreneur from Asia, has defied all odds to become a leading digital marketing and PR expert. When he started out at 13, he used to sell shout-outs on online pages, not just for the money, but because it was his interest. However, with time, brands started taking notice and they approached him with deals and sponsorships. He has also managed several top Pakistani pages.

Mehmood is extremely focused on achieving his goals in terms of where he sees himself and his business in the near future. Being a teenager, there are so many fun things that could have been a distraction. According to Mehmood, one must learn time-discipline and be good at time management. This is how he is able to juggle between his studies, career, and hobbies.

With an initial capital of only $7, Mehmood, through resilience and focus, has now built a marketing empire. He now aims at imparting this knowledge to other students. Mehmood educates them on the various ways of making money online and equips them with skills to get these jobs done. Having good relations with foreign agencies also helps him bring employment opportunities into Pakistan. He loves giving back to society, and that’s why he is trying to ensure that foreign agencies can bring jobs to the people of Pakistan, who are very talented and hardworking.

Given his story, always keep your eyes on the prize. Set milestones and make sure you achieve them before the lapse of the set period. Any journey starts with a single step; by being disciplined in how you spend your finances or time, you are able to analyze your day-to-day activities and their impact on achieving your goals.

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