Abevia Eid Cricket Mela and Love Khaani’s 3 Million Followers on Tiktok – Success Party.

Love Khaani, a Pakistani internet celebrity residing in Dubai, is a famous TikTok sensation along with this, she’s also a fashion model, blogger, and social media influencer. She is famous for her beautiful looks, cute smile, modelling, Style, and down-to-earth personality.

On 14th Of May 2021, she made a world record by being the first social media star to ever organize a remarkable Tape Ball cricket event namely, the Abevia Eid Cricket Mela Season 1 at Al Dhaid Cricket Village, UAE on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

Because of the precious efforts of the working staff and Khaani’s meticulous planning and supervision, the event was successful and a super hit that created a lot of buzz between her fans and the media.

Khaani showed appreciation for the efforts of all the players by awarding everyone, irrespective of them being the winners or losers. The winner of the match was the well deserving Khizar 11 Chakwal United and the runner up team was Al Basira Tiger.

After such a positive response towards the hit event which was conducted happily and under the safety guidelines for COVID, a vibrant and lively success party was held for the Celebration of EID Crickets Mela’s Success and for the Celebration of Love Khaani’s 3 Million followers on TikTok.

It was officially announced during the party that the winning team known as Khizar 11 will change its name to Khizar Khaani 11 and Khaani will be a proud official partner owner of this team. They started with a simple friendship which after the meeting of Khaani and the Junior Khizar son of Mr Sheheryar Khan led to a great and deep bond between both parties and their friendship was upgraded to a business level.

Sheharyar Khan who is the owner of the winning team, expressed how Love Khaani is a lucky charm for them. He then went on to elaborate the reason behind this.

He narrated how their friendship bloomed from a single message on TikTok followed by meeting face to face for the first time at the Chaiwala tournament, the Cricket Mela. That was when their bond actually started to grow stronger.

He only could say positive words for Khaani in her praise, mentioning how supportive and down to earth she is. He revealed how they both belong to different fields and have different thoughts and ideas corresponding to their fields of work but made efforts to help each other understand their different pathways i.e. Cricket and Media. 

According to Sheharyar Khan, they learnt about glamour, marketing and promotions from her and in return they enriched her knowledge with the understanding of the cricket world. Due to the knowledge imparted by Mr. Khan, Khaani grew more enthusiastic towards cricket and eventually turned into a cricket lover.

He further told Khizar 11 Chakwal United Team Players and everyone of them were depressed and was mentally down before playing the Abevia Eid Cricket Mela as they had lost 3 big tournaments before and so how Love Khaani threatened him jokingly, announcing she will take over his position if they lost this match. She did this in a humorous way to lift up his team’s confidence, boost their energy and provide them with a drive to win. Mr. Khan believes that due to Khaani’s such appreciable behaviour they are here today as the proud winners of the tournament and hence named her as their lucky charm.

Just like the Mela, the success party was a hit event filled with happiness, laughter, giggles, glamour and celebration of victory with smiles on everyone’s face and International Cricket Rohan Mustafa, another famous TikTok Star Zayn Shah also joined the Party.

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