Abhimanyu Poonia: Emerging Youth Leader, Making a Real Change In the Country

It is usually said that youth have the facility to maneuver mountains. In any democracy, the participation of youth is what makes it spirited and alive. Whereas veteran leaders are invariably required to guide and lead the country, youth leaders will have a strong impact on communities as they create recent concepts and work energetically at ground level. Abhimanyu Poonia is one such youth icon and politico WHO is functioning indefatigably to form real modification in our country.

The political career of man. Abhimanyu Poonia was started in his school days as he was elected as general secretary of Rajasthan college boy Union. There he dedicated his time to the betterment of scholars and making a secure atmosphere for them.

He was formally invited to hitch our National party, Congress as a youth member and it was absolutely his labor and dedication to the party and altruistic can to figure for the people who he became highly regarded among the youth of Rajasthan and went on to become NSUI (National edifice of India) president of the Rajasthan state back in 2017.

Abhimanyu Poonia’s political work is as cherished as his welfare work. Our country is presently foundering the corona crisis and also the state of affairs is kind of dire in hospitals. Abhimanyu Poonia has been actively involving in serving those that are full of the present crisis. once a year on seventh September that coincides with former deputy chief minister man.

Sachin Pilot, Abhimanyu Poonia organizes blood donation drives. within the year 2020, this event was terribly important as a result of hospitals need a lot of blood donors. The blood donation drive organized at Tibbi, Hanumangarh by Abhimanyu Poonia was terribly made.

The event saw the participation of quite 550 youth and a complete of 536 individuals given blood by the tip. excluding blood donation camps, he has organized several charities and social services events aimed toward providing edges to poor individuals. He additionally supports education for all and enormously worked for spreading awareness regarding the importance of education within the rural part of the state.

Social worker and youth politician Abhimanyu Poonia has become quite fashionable among individuals for his socially useful works. He believes within the young generation of the Republic of India and powerfully emphasizes the participation of youth in such events. As an associate exalting figure, Abhimanyu Poonia has found a bright spot within the heart of the individuals of Rajasthan.

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