Abhinav Bute: Why Cyber Security Is One of the Most Interesting and Important Fields Today

Abhinav Bute was born on 10th December in 2003 in Nagpur & was also brought up by till now here as well. Abhinav is a cyber security researcher who is very active in the field of cyber security. Abhinav has been recognized by many big companies after saving them by providing his services against security theft . Abhinav studied physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science as his major subjects in his high school. Abhinav has been portraying a excellent student traits among his fellow classmates.

When asked him about how he handles a difficult situation with so ease at such a young age he said first of all he acknowledges the situation and then makes a plan accordingly. He also mentioned that he never fears or feels shy to ask his seniors for help as it makes him improve his work. Abhinav says it’s very important to identify what is within his control and then he works accordingly. He doesn’t waste his time and energy on something which he cannot control or change by himself.

Abhinav says that usually something good can also come out of even the worst situations. He focuses on what he might gain for having survived a tough situation.

On asking about what motivates him to deal with such difficulties with full determination and sincerity he answered that the thought of rewards is something which makes him feel motivated to keep doing his work. Abhinav mentioned Trishneet Arora as his mentor and said is really thankful for all the knowledge he has been able to receive in his field. Abhinav is currently a bug bounty expert and a social media marketer and his dream ahead is to become the best ethical hacker. Abhinav said that the field of cyber security is very interesting and since he has to keep himself updated to all the new technologies which come every now & then is the part excites him the most in this field.


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