Abhinav Malhotra Talks of how you can Make Your Passion Your Career

‘It is the happiest thing that can happen to a person when your passion becomes your career”- Abhinav Malhotra, award-winning personal trainer, coach, and sports nutritionist.

Born and raised in Faridabad India, Abhinav Malhotra is an award-winning personal trainer, coach, and sports nutritionist in Dubai, UAE, and the founder of a personal training business called AbhiFit.

It is the happiest thing that can happen to a person when your passion becomes your career. Being an obese child himself and suffering from all manner of metabolic and joint disorders, his passion lies in helping people lead a quality life. He knows what is unfit, ill, or unsafe, and nothing gives him more satisfaction than transforming the world around him. The planet needs aid and he believes he has the education and enthusiasm to assist others.
One thing he enjoys about this career is that, like many people from various cultures and sectors, he builds a great network and relationship. Not only does it teach us outstanding human abilities and cultivate fantastic friendships, but it is also excellent for networking.

He received the UAE MALE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR (Silver) in 2019 and was nominated for 3 years in a row from 2018, 2019, and 2020 in the Top 10 Personal Trainers in the UAE. He was also named the ‘first and only’ ELITE MASTER TRAINER in the Middle East’s main gym chain, Fitness First Middle East. He has been on radio channels many times, has been a writer for famous magazines and newspapers, and has been published in several media in the UAE & INDIA. There’s definitely more progress in grabbing his way.

He trusts ethically in doing excellent work. Never compromise in complicated circumstances on ethics and values. Still adhere to your ideals, which in the long run will give you a positive reputation, job satisfaction, and prosperity.

He trusts in the Karma Rules. Do good deeds, and the universe will protect you, and more good will come to you. Do or think poorly of others and the same comes back to you either now or later in life in some shape or form. The best things to do than put your life in a positive rhythm are love and gratitude.
Criticism from his own family and friends was the greatest hurdle. They told him that he was spending his time doing something pointless. He was a director of a multi-million logistics firm and was from a well-to-do business background.

Fitness had not yet been accepted as a common career option, and fitness practitioners were not as valued as other professionals. It was difficult to even persuade his own family that he wasn’t wasting his time. No one was supportive, except his wife.
Things have improved now because he’s doing well in Dubai and after years of grinding and many sacrifices, he has made a name for himself. He has now won the admiration of his peers and relatives.

They see that, among the top fitness practitioners in Dubai, he has gained a reputation. He’s already working hard now (probably much harder) and he has to draw on the momentum and not relax here, or he will be quickly overtaken by others and become marginal in the business. He has gained many well-recognized certificates of fitness.

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