Abhishek Emmanuel Is a Hardworking Entrepreneur Taking a Deep Plunge into Construction Business 

Manhalli Vijay Sriker Abhishek Emmanuel is a 22 year-old young civil engineer from Hyderabad. Born on 25th March 1998, he always knew what he had to do in his profession. He was quick to take the plunge in the construction business the moment he completed his education. However, he faced some hurdles like getting enough funds to start the venture, although he did not give up and was able to launch it soon. It’s been a year or so since he commenced his venture in Pearl City. So far, things are smooth.

However, he has a long way to go and he calls this to be his initial life. He aspires to be a competent engineer and wants to diversify his business emerging as a top industrialist in the market in his next set of years. He is preparing hard for this and has even enrolled in the business management program doing his MBA in it. He is a man of words and principles. He has always kept his parents as his mentor and seeks their guidance in his personal and professional life.

He also stands to have a balanced life when it comes to his profession and personal life. He is single and diligent and knows his direction with clear vision. Besides being so focused in his work, he is a strong believer of god and thus has a positive way of living. He knows his life well and believes to pursue his professional life with great innovation, commitment and perseverance. Being a positive attitude person, he loves life and inculcates the same values in others as well. This has even helped one of his friend to give away the suicide feelings to love life.

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