Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan’s Iconic Fashion Style Has Rocked The Men’s Fashion Industry

Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan's Iconic Fashion Style Has Rocked The Men's Fashion Industry

When you hear about a fashion model, what comes first in your mind? Yes, of course, a female fashion model who is or has the dream of being called the “Miss World.” But here, you will get surprised. We are not talking about any female fashion model. Yes, we are talking about the male fashion model who has grabbed the netizens’ huge attention and the fashion industry with his eccentric body style. Meet Austria’s Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan, popularly known as Bigg Joo – a 35-year-old fashion model inspiring the youth worldwide to make their name in the men’s fashion industry.

Abuka Jonathan’s Love for Fashion from his Childhood

Abuka Jonathan was fond of posing and photography from a very early age. Later, when he realized that his body had got a motif and flexibility, he decided to pursue his dream by joining the fashion industry. He received huge applause for his working abilities and soon made his name in top men’s fashion models. Many of his colleagues, influencers, and other stars admired him for his dashing looks and personality.

Bigg Joo Loves Facing Challenges

One distinct characteristic that you will find in Abuka’s personality is that he loves to take up challenges. He never fears trying something new, which makes him a unique icon. This is why he loves to travel to different places to learn and always surprises his audience with his unique fashion photoshoots. Bigg Joo has got a true dressing sense. From casual to classic suits and tuxedos, he is commendable in everything. Getting influenced by his work, many fashion brands chose him as their ambassador.

Abuja’s Friendly Attitude Towards his Followers

Despite receiving so much fame and inspiration, Abuka has a unique humble approach towards his fellowmen and followers. His humble and grounded personality has influenced his other colleagues, who learn from him as well. Yet, Abuka does not deny that he also learns and listens to his fellow fashion experts’ suggestions and advice. Not only this but also, he never hesitates to learn from the young artists. He is always available to guide his followers through his learning experience who want to enter the modern fashion industry. To regularly touch with his fans and inspirers, he gives posts on his Instagram and other social media platforms. Everyone can easily contact him through his official website and social media accounts. Getting inspired from his humble approach, his fans following is increasing day by day. Until now, his Instagram followers are over 4000, and still many more to go! You can witness his Instagram page overloaded with huge positive comments over his fashion sense and style, received from his fans to competent artists. Abuka is highly recognized for his genuine and unique nature as he never tries to pose something fake.

Bigg Joo Denies Racial Discrimination in Fashion Industry

Answering a question regarding his first experience of the photoshoot, he says that the initial collaboration shoots were difficult, especially when he had to stare into his female models’ eyes and pose. However, later he got used to it, and now it does not impact him anymore. Answering another question if he experienced any racial discrimination in the fashion industry. To the surprise of many netizens, Abuka never experienced such discrimination against him as most of the projects came directly from white agents and photographers. He has never had any shooting with a black photographer or agent. He further says that modeling has nothing to do with nationality, race, or color; instead, if you can do what you are asked for, you are ready to go! However, he has not yet worked with any Nigerian photographer, despite being from Nigeria, and would love to work with them in the future.

Jonathan’s Activities During COVID-19 Lockdown

The impacts of COVID-19 have been devastating to almost every industry. So is the fashion industry, and many of the great fashion artists are restricted to their homes. Bigg Joo has faced the same issues and shares that he could not continue working with his partners due to strict social distancing rules implemented; however, he could not afford to leave his passion and continued doing solo shootings alone with his camera.

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