Abundance and Energy: You Have the Power to Create Your Reality

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As an entrepreneur, you are steering the ship. You know you’re in control of your business’ growth, goals, and offerings. Is it so much of a leap to believe you’re also in complete control of everything else in your life? Your business started as an inkling of an idea, which led to you talking it over, which led to actions that eventually grew into a real, beautiful, business. The desires and dreams you have for the rest of your life function the exact same way. 

Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader inspiring thousands with her work and writings on energy and abundance. She’s appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, TEDx, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has also been featured in numerous publications and magazines. Christy teaches the law of attraction, energy, mastery, and personal development classes and meditations to help clients feel more aligned with the divine design of wellbeing, abundance, and success.  

During her interview on the Making Bank podcast, Christy provides her top inspiring tips about creating your own reality and cultivating a mindset of abundance. Her newest book, The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature and Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power, is full of Christy’s wisdom about the essential laws of the universe and how to truly create the reality you desire.  

Lack vs. Abundance 

The first obstacle to stepping into your power and creating your reality is to switch your mindset from a lack mentality to an abundance mentality. Christy asks podcast listeners to imagine lack and abundance as to ends of a spectrum, where satisfaction is the “tipping point” in the middle.

A person with a lack mentality will focus on what they “don’t” have, what they “can’t” do, and what is “missing” from their life. Someone with a mindset of abundance, on the other hand, focuses on all the blessings in their life: everything they do have, everything they get to do, and everything that’s already bringing joy and fulfillment into their life. 

Christy says, as a rule of thumb, “Lack always feels bad, and abundance always feels good.” You’ll know if you’re in an abundant mindset by the words you use, the thoughts you give attention to, and the way you feel just going through your day.  

Everything is Energy 

The next big leap to understanding that you have the power to create and manifest your desires is learning to view everything as energy. Everything in the universe carries a unique vibration, which gets transmitted out into the universe. Christy says, “We are energy receivers, and we are also energy transmitters.” We can deliberately attract people, experiences, opportunities, and things into our lives simply by the vibration we are transmitting.  

Christy explains that we can transmit energy in many ways: thoughts, words, perspectives, beliefs, emotions, actions, etc. The way you carry yourself and experience your life, down to every thought and emotion, determines what you are actively creating in your reality. You either do this with intention and decide to manifest your desires; or your thoughts, words, and actions are in autopilot mode, and the reality you create is the product of those autopilot transmissions.  

Watch Your Words 

You might need to tune up your autopilot system to help bring your desires to fruition. Words and thoughts play an enormous part in attracting your ideal reality; are you paying attention to how you talk to yourself? If you catch yourself saying “I can’t,” “I don’t have,” or “I miss” very often, work on replacing those phrases with “I will,” “I’m grateful for,” and “I’m looking forward to.”  

For more tips, Christy has a free 30 day video program online called Watch Your Words, which she created to help teach you the words and phrases you need to release from your vocabulary (and what to replace them with) in order to transform from a lack mentality to an abundant mentality. 

The Hidden Beauty of Polarity 

We live in a world full of contrast: there’s up and down, left and right, dark and light. There’s always going to be some kind of polarity, and everything has an inverse. Christy reminds listeners that the beauty in contrast is knowing that if there’s something you don’t want in your life, the opposite of that experience is not only a possibility, but it already exists. She says that if we’re able to shift from lack into abundance, then the fulfillment of our desire, whatever it may be, “is not only a possibility, it’s an inevitability.” 

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