According To Calvin Hamilton, Success Is What You Make Of It

Everyone has their own idea of what success looks like. For some it is defined by luxury, for others it may be defined by status. But for Calvin Hamilton, success is fluid. It can mean something different from day to day, but ultimately, success means freedom.

Even as a kid, Calvin had the mind of an entrepreneur, always seeking new opportunities. He had a passion for gaming and even made his own gaming YouTube channel in middle school. Calvin figured out how to monetize it, but felt disappointed when he only received £4.00 in his first month’s commission check.

That moment ultimately led me to message the CEO of the MCN I was partnered with on Skype and ask him if there was any way that I could learn more about what he did. Surprisingly, despite being 14-years old at the time, he said yes, making me the first person he brought onto his team as a talent scout for the network.

Calvin didn’t let his disappointment stop him from moving forward. By working for the MCN, he learned how to grow channels to millions of subscribers, and after graduating high school, Calvin went to work for GaryVee as a Social Media manager at VaynerMedia.

With Gary, Calvin had the honor of working with top Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and JP Morgan. Eventually, Calvin saw a gap in the market for marketing firms that acted out of transparency, so in 2019 he opened his own firm, Engineer Influence.

Through Engineer Influence, Calvin has the ability to build an infrastructure that meets his clients’ needs. It gives him the freedom to build the systems and processes that help him deliver great service while giving him complete control over his day.

“I’m more of a believer that success is freedom to do whatever it is that you think will not only make you happy but also successful at that point in your life… It may be convoluted, but it goes to show exactly how internalized success really is,” says Calvin Hamilton.

Even as an entrepreneur under 30, Calvin has discovered that freedom is the ultimate determiner of success. It requires patience and hard work, but in the end, you will achieve your goals.

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