According to Ice Link, Consistent Branding Leads To Trust and Recognition

If you don’t know who you are, you won’t go very far – even if you have an amazing product. Branding is about more than creating an image and a logo with a group of college interns. It answers the questions, “why do you do what you do?” and “why should your customers buy into you?” For IceLink, defining your brand is the most important thing any company can do, and it’s often the step that most companies miss the mark on.

Suzy Sogoyan followed in her father, Andy’s footsteps, when she started working for his jewelry business at age 16. When she later took over IceLink down the road, she considered the importance of branding, and what it meant to her.

She watched Andy build IceLink from the ground up with his intense creativity and relentless energy. Now, she gets to rebrand them into who they are today. “With the rebrand, my goal has always been to encourage people and give them strength. As a father-daughter company, I grew up watching my father’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the company and felt the same energy he had. We wanted IceLink to be a welcoming, unique, and different brand. If you know the IceLink logo, it symbolizes that you can rise above it all. You can shift gears and welcome others,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

Through branding, IceLink had to decide what their values were, how they would reach their customers, and how to present themselves to the world. All important elements in setting up a company for long term success. While they still believe in the time proven and timeless traditions of the luxury jewelry industry, IceLink believes in taking a much more transparent approach than others. As part of their values, they believe in communicating directly with their customers through social media and email, so they always have the most up-to-date information available. IceLink sees their customers as family, so they are committed to going the extra mile to making sure all customers are happy with their purchases.

To reach their target audience, Suzy has taken advantage of the power of social media. Even though a caveat of most platforms is that they saturate every market, Suzy considered how she wanted to present herself and decided she wanted to connect with people on a deep and personal level. “A big question I get asked is – ‘how do I get people to notice me?’ With my personal IG page, I’ve been able to connect with so many people on a personal level, with topics on my family life and my business life,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

IceLink wants to use luxury jewelry to encourage people and give them strength. Through their innovative designs, they are giving clients something they can be proud of.
Find out more about Icelink on their Instagram, @icelinkofficial

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