According To Oscar Stone, The World Of Custom Jewelry Is Evolving

People are craving adventure over tradition, and Oscar Stone is here to answer the call. As the owner of the high-end jewelry retailer, Oscar Stone NYC, he has worked with prestigious clients creating custom jewelry crafted by passionate artisans. This family owned business is truly revolutionizing the jewelry industry.

Oscar was born in the US to Peruvian immigrants who achieved the American Dream. His father operates a successful pawn shop and brought Oscar into the family business when he was only 20 years old. As the 3rd generation in his family to work in the jewelry business, Oscar spent his childhood immersed in jewelry and the gold industry. However, Oscar took the business to the next level by immersing himself in diamond jewelry and becoming a GIA Accredited Gemologist.

Through Oscar Stone NYC, Oscar has stayed true to his family values. He still operates a family owned business and keeps all custom jewelry work in-house, working with multiple manufacturing facilities and retail locations. They have created a collection of the most groundbreaking aesthetics in jewelry today, ranging from “Grillz,” rings, pendants, links, and earrings. “We understand the difficulties that come with purchasing custom-made jewelry and finding someone who understands your artistic vision is often harder. At Oscar Stone LTD, we are fully equipped with the knowledge and passion necessary for ensuring a seamless transition from fantasy to reality — bring life and remarkable accuracy to your imagination,” says Oscar Stone.

Oscar has become an expert on all things hip-hop jewelry, and his retail business has become one of the most sought after places for custom jewelry. Oscar knows both his clients and the industry well, which is how he can give them exactly what they need. “My company is honest. In the jewelry industry there’s a lot of dishonesty and retailers saying anything they have to make a quick buck and sell their inventory,” says Oscar Stone.

Investing in people and empowering clients has brought Oscar to the top of his game. He is looking to expand his business by opening a very large retail location while continuing to provide the best custom designs for his clients.

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