Acing His Game in the Music Industry: Joshua Ejiogu A.K.A J Bandz

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Art, in any form, is good for our minds and souls. It makes one empathetic and insightful and opens up doors that allow one to be more creative. Music is also one of them. Sometimes, the way certain note sounds can bring out different emotions in people. One such young artist, who is following his passion through creating music, is Joshua Ejiogu.

Reason and source of inspiration behind Joshua’s passion for music

Joshua says that he wanted to join the league in football. However, he wasn’t making money playing in college. Therefore, Ejiogu had to quit football to put all his attention on music. Joshua states that his parents split up when he was in college. It became hard for his mother to pay the bills. Thus, Joshua had to start earning early to support his mother.

Ejiogu’s entry into the music

Joshua is a 21-year old songwriter and ghostwriter. He works under the name ‘J Bandz’. Ejiogu was born on February 4th, 2000, in South Bound Brook, New Jersey. He has been working in the music industry for almost three years now. Joshua says that he discovered his passion for music ever since he realized how good he was at creating music.

Therefore, he made music his career. Ejiogu states that his hometown is small. So, it’s hard to make a lot of noise there. Thus, he has reached out further and found many people enjoy listening to my tracks.

Joshua Ejiogu explaining how he developed a name for himself 

Joshua claims that there are different artists out in the industry, such as bad rappers but good marketers, clout chasers who do things to get viewed, and great artists who don’t know how to promote their music. Ejiogu says that he has proved to the listeners that he falls under the category of great artists and that all he needs is the right eyes and ears.

Many people have appreciated Joshua and have told him that Joshua is not like most artists they know. He is better than some mainstream artists. ‘I know if I just continue on my path and do my best on each track, the sky is the limit.’ marks Ejiogu.

Valuable advice to the budding entrepreneurs

Joshua says that the most crucial too that one has is their mind. One can come up with anything with their mind. Therefore, they must use that to their advantage. He suggests the upcoming entrepreneurs spend more time on their minds, and the results will be better.

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