Acing the Real Estate Industry With His Exceptional Work Is Entrepreneur Stephen Rodrigues.

We have seen many bright minds revolutionise the business world with their innovative and distinct approach which makes them a breed apart from others. These talented individuals have put in their best efforts to come out with innovative strategies which have proved to be a boon for their respective industries where they have worked in.

The real estate industry has also seen an entrepreneur par excellence who has gone a step ahead and proved that nothing is impossible if one is passionate to turn their dreams to reality, he is Stephen Rodrigues who has excelled in the real estate industry and is today one of the top entrepreneurs who is known for his work across continents.

Stephen’s name stands amongst the best in the real estate industry across UAE and India. He is a certified global real estate investment consultant and an ATD certified trainer who is known for his impeccable work and services. Since his early days, real estate was one industry which drew him towards it and seeing its astounding growth over the years, he had made up his mind to make a career out of it going ahead. Born in Kuwait and raised in Udupi, India, Stephen was well acquainted with the workings of both countries which helped him in his career as a real estate professional.

His immense knowledge and passion to thrive in the real estate industry helped him gain a huge clientele base based out of UAE and India which further helped him gain high contacts and further his business to the next level. Today, Stephen has a rich experience in the field of real estate, be it buying, selling, consulting or training, he is well versed with all and holds in-depth knowledge in various verticals. He has emerged as a leading real estate professional who has built an extensive network in both countries and is looked upon as the most reliable person to deal with in the real estate industry.

At present, with his vast knowledge on the subject of real estate, he trains and mentors many aspiring individuals who want to make a mark in the world of real estate.

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