Acroy Fitz on Growing 200 Clients to 2 Million Followers

“Clout”, influence or power, especially in politics or business. Influence and power in business almost  guarantees more sales – unless you’re a dummy. Acroy Fitz is a master at developing “Clout” amongst business owners through specialist networking and Instagram Growth strategies. Evidence of this being, Acroy has helped a total of 200 clients, grow a combined following of 2 million with a page of his own @thecooltravel with a whopping 476k followers grown honestly from zero. 

Update: 2 days later Acroy hit 500k on @thecooltravel – Congrats, my friend! 

I spoke with Acroy for a short time pulling back the curtains on his story and some tidbits on how you can grow your Instagram effectively, network to build relationships and increase sales.

In 2016 Fitz started growing pages on Instagram, saying he thought he was going to travel the world having 5 figure months in a matter of no time by simply becoming an influencer. He was so far from reality that 4 months had passed with little to no noticeable difference – not scratching the 5 figure surface. Looking for a fix he hired a helping hand, a “guru” who scammed him for $800 dollars, a significant sum to Acroy at the time. This led to creeping doubt, on the edge of throwing in the towel and calling it quits, a quick think about the time, effort, $800 he had got burned for, and his main motive in starting this journey; travel the world with the money he would soon make, sparked a mini conversation with himself many of us have had. “Doesn´t matter how hard it gets, the only way you are going to quit is when you die.” Could be classed as dramatic or even cheesy, but after working with many top-tier entrepreneurs myself, it’s clear that this is a winners mentality. Fitz added, he would often say  “let’s see how things work” soon changing this thought pattern to a more confident “there’s no going back.” 

With these mindset tweaks, a made up mind that he’s too far in and a strong motive, Acroy hustled for hours on end per day, experimented often with different ways of wording his messages whilst networking, testing the many Instagram Growth strategies until he cracked the code and hit gold. 

This birthing his agency, Influential Living. 

Implementing his newfound strategies, what was proven to work for him, he continued to network on Instagram with those with more success than his own (big players), befriending many through his ability to now build rapport this opened the gateway for him to serve with his skills and be of service. Bagging him a consistent 4 figures per month after 2 short years from the time of creeping doubt (working a part time job at the same time). Third year in, Fitz had reached a 700k Instagram Network with @thecooltravel being his biggest page with 476k followers and achieving his original goal of travelling. Having now stepped foot in over 20 countries whilst scaling Influential Living his Instagram agency. 

Now, he takes fellow entrepreneurs across several niches and influencers to the multi 6 figure targeted following on Instagram, yes, targeted, not follow for follow, those that will engage and purchase. Whilst showing them how to leverage the platform and following to network with potential clientele and drive sales. 

Due to this, I asked Acroy to share some help on how you can grow your following, build relationships with serious prospects and seal the deal on more sales…

He says the number one pot hole his audience faces is lost momentum, their posting consistency drops, stopping them from reaping the rewards from compounding. Your content compounds over time and feeds off its own engagement, allowing you to reach new people he says. When you stop posting for hefty periods of time it brings everything to a cold halt. Pair that with not engaging people in multiple ways (likes, comments, video views, saves, shares, etc) and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. 

So how do you bounce back if this is an issue for you? Short Reels. Satisfying IGTV content. Carousel videos. Bait pictures, “comment this for XYZ”.  Daily stories with polls / questions.

To finish, Acroy says Instagram isn’t a game of follow for follow and like for like anymore. That’s  2011. If you want in depth walk throughs, no cost step by step strategies to fuel your instagram growth and drive sales from the platform, you can find him at the links below. 

You can find Acroy at the links below.

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