Activist Jamal Baloch Shines A Light On Human Rights Violations In Balochistan

It’s the role of human rights organizations to protect everyone’s privileges and provide support for those suffering from various rights violations. Unfortunately, it seems that not all corners of the world are given enough resources to catch the attention of these groups. As a result, countless people have suffered in the dark with barely anyone to rely on for justice, protection, and support.

Among many places like such is the province of Balochistan in Pakistan, whose people have been vying to reclaim their human rights. However, despite their efforts in protesting and campaigning, none of the local news and papers make any mention of the issue. The culprit for this is the strict censorship in the country’s media. This is where courageous activists like Jamal Baloch come to the rescue.

Jamal is a social media activist and influencer who firmly believes that there’s still hope for Balochistan to be heard, as long as they don’t cease their efforts to speak up. The province has been tormented under the control of the Frontier Corps, which has been abusing its power. Even though the human rights violations towards the Balochi people are very evident, not many organizations are stepping up to make a noticeable difference.

If the local media blocks the rest of the world from hearing about the issue, this doesn’t mean they are left with no options. This is the stance that Jamal chose, as he took on the role to be the voice for the oppressed. He shares through his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok what Balochistan is going through in hopes of shining light on the dark truth about what’s really happening in the province.

One among the many cases where Jamal has played a significant role is the torture and sexual assault of 10-year-old Murad Ameer. The aggressors are the Frontier Corps Personnel, who did the shameful act during the holy month of Ramadan. Numerous protests for justice have been held in Balochistan, specifically in the cities of Gwadar, Hoshaap, Kech, and Quetta, but the media was able to cover it all up.

Therefore, Jamal, along with thousands of other people, brought the issue on social media. The movement received so much support that the campaign #JusticeForMuradAmeer went viral on Twitter. This has indeed opened many people’s eyes to what’s happening in Balochistan. Unfortunately, there’s still quite a long way to go before it reaches the ears of the world’s human rights organizations.

In addition to this vile act towards a young, helpless child, many violations against the rights of the Baloch people have transpired over the years. There have been cases of illegal arrests, kidnapping, and murder, among many that have not made their way to the public’s ears.

With Jamal and other human rights activists fighting for Balochistan, the province was able to take one step closer to freedom. Their journey hasn’t ended yet, and they aren’t halting their efforts to spread awareness about such atrocities any time soon. Jamal believes that what the Baloch people aim for is already ahead of them; they just have to make it there one step at a time.

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