Actor and Tik Tok Star Ansh Pandit Crosses 1 million fans on Instagram

It’s a huge achievement to have one million followers on a platform like Instagram. There are not many new faces who have crossed this feat and one such name is Ansh Pandit. He is an influencer and actor who has remained active on social media while sharing different humor based shayaris on social media platforms like apps. His poetry videos did the magic and so were his presentation and acting skills. He was able to attract a good amount of people for the show.

From Instagram he turned an actor as many of his fans also turned on his followers looking at his acting skills as showcased on these videos. He was able to impress many and that helped him multiply his fan following to a whopping amount of people crossing to one million now on Instagram. This is huge for the actor and he loves to go beyond the social media influencer life.

He is going great guns in his work and was able to even bag a role in a web series called Prayag Raj, which is produced by Vision Movie Makers helmed by Raju Rai Singhaniya. All thanks to his fan following social media, which made him enjoy a good exposure before the media. He is gearing up for its release for which he has worked with some talented star cast with actors like Mukesh Tiwari, Adhyayan Suman, Sameekshaa Gaur, Arham Abbasi, Smita Sharan, Darpan Srivastava and Vikram Kochhar who now remains the part of this project. He intends to go beyond this social media and Tik Tok and carve his niche hard in the acting world.

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