Actor Jason Abrams Puts His Heart into His Craft

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Success is many things to many people. It has many definitions, and can be a moving target.

For actor and producer Jason Abrams, who plays Charles Hebert in the film he produced, Night Sweats, he’s learned to cherish and embrace success in the moment, take nothing for granted, and practice deep gratitude for any success he’s experienced in “the industry.”

He explains, “Sometimes success is hard to grasp while you’re living it. And so I’ve tried to remind myself of the little success that I’ve had to be appreciative as opposed to beating myself up every day for the things that didn’t work out.”

Jason Abrams is not someone who believes people who say that it’s impossible to break into the acting world.

As an actor he was told this many times growing up, told that his ideas of making it in show business were too lofty, too improbable.

And then he saw himself as one of the main faces on the movie poster for Steven Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds. He could hardly believe what he was seeing… and it inspired him to do more than he thought he could do.

“While studying communications and media arts at SUNY New Paltz, a friend from improv class invited me to an open call for a local movie to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Turns out it was War Of The Worlds and not only was I lucky enough to be put into the actors guild on this production, but my face made the movie poster! I started producing and acting more on union sets after this amazing experience. The magic of the set, the air, the people… it felt like home and I can never get enough of it.”

This began a journey through film, writing, producing, and movie-making that shaped Jason into a bonafide entertainer, someone who graciously and humbly takes any chance he can to inspire, enrich, and bring joy to the audiences who appreciate him.

Jason Abrams is a self employed actor and producer who owns and operates his own production company based in New York City, He’s been an actor since a very young age beginning with theatre in upstate New York. He ran a mobile disc jockey company for 14 years while doing some work in radio. Time Will Tell Productions Inc. is a full service production house. They’ve been producing commercials, short films, features, music videos and more since 2005. 

“For years and years folks have encouraged me to try stand up and get deeper into comedy. I always shied away from it for some reason, maybe a deep insecurity, maybe just feeling like others are so much better…either way, I finally took the step a few years back to start an Instagram and post my shenanigans there. The purpose and intent was to create and be an artist first, because actors spend more time looking for work than working, and I wanted to vent about stuff too!”

With a following in the tens of thousands on Instagram alone, people have come on board with Jason’s vision. He’s a continuous source of enrichment, humor, insight, and above all, authenticity.

“There are so many talented individuals in this world who don’t get a chance to share their talent with the world and it’s a shame, it’s tragic how little time there is for all of us. We should do something about that…turn your clock back right now, what could go wrong?”

Jason recently acted in and produced a feature film, Night Sweats, that has performed well at different festivals around the world. The film was in movie theaters for two weeks in New York City and is currently available for free on Amazon Prime.

“Night Sweats brought us worldwide attention and it was the biggest-budget film I ever produced. What’s crazy is we came up with the concept for the film 10 years before the pandemic and the film, which is a pharmaceutical thriller, has been called a spot-on prediction to the life we are actually living in. They say art imitates life, but for us, it didn’t feel that way this time. That’s what I mean by there is a force on set, sometimes it’s greater than others, and it’s an incredible feeling when it’s present.”

The best place to keep up with his latest endeavors is to follow his wildly creative content on Instagram @jasonabramsnyc

We can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

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