Actor, Singer, Producer: Raghu Bhatia Explains How He Turned His Passion Into Profession

It is often said that “The road to success is paved with struggles, downfalls, and uncertainties.” This is how one can describe the life of Raghu Bhatia, a man with many talents. He can be considered the jack of all trades; a successful actor, an even better producer, and an amazing singer. The path to success is never easy and it has been the same for him.

At the age of 7, when other children were thinking about toys and watching cartoons, Raghu Bhatia was busy dreaming about becoming a Bollywood actor. He used to constantly participate in a lot of theatre-based dramas and competitions to enhance his skills and become the best version of himself.

Even after working so hard for his dream, Raghu Bhatia was not supported by all the people around him. Yet, this could not stop him from following his passion. He left his home in Delhi and moved to Mumbai where he decided to change his name to Raghuraja Bhatia as per his father’s advice.

After 3 months of constant interviews for various projects, he bagged a role in Suvreen Guggal- Topper of the Year, a youth show that was a major hit among teenagers and is still streaming on Hotstar. Starring opposite other talented actors like Mohit Malik, Smriti Kalra, Shivin Narang, and Akshay Anand, Raghu Bhatia made his mark in the industry with his hard work and dedication. After almost working for two years in the serial, he had to suddenly leave for New Delhi to take care of his mother’s health issues and ensure her well-being.

Despite facing all the challenges and conflicts, Raghu Bhatia never allowed his life and circumstances to hold him back. He aimed at taking on a bigger challenge in life and decided to become a producer. He launched his own production house under the banner Neel Rishi Films Pvt. Ltd.

The movie named- Jaane Kyun De Yaaron starred many celebrities like the veteran actor Kabir Bedi, Akshay Anand, Chetna Pandey, and Viju Khote and hit the theatres in 2014. The film is also streaming on Amazon Prime. Despite having some issues with the movie, Raghu Bhatia proved that it is impossible to stop him.

He has always been the one to achieve whatever he has made up his mind for and hence he signed up for the music video “Tu Hi Toh Tha”. It was released in March 2021 on the same day that his father lost his life to Covid-19. Since then, he has been spending as much quality time as he can with his mother.

Making memories with her and providing her with all the love and care in the world has been his priority. It helps him to relax and stay positive in all aspects of his life all the while making sure that his mother is in good health and happiness.

Life has never been easy for Raghu Bhatia, but he decided to never give up on his dreams. He believes in moving forward and showcasing his talent in front of the entire world. Even after facing all of the hardships in his career, he keeps working on himself and his passion.

He has inclined himself so much towards learning that for him there is no finish line, every step that he takes is just a new beginning. Raghu Bhatia can be considered an inspiration when it comes to following one’s heart.

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