Actor Soham Pawaskar establishes his digital marketing agency ‘The Blue Dot Media’. Here are the details!

Soham Pawaskar
One thing that has drastically increased amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is the rise of online businesses. The growing demand for digital marketing has seen many businesses earn good fortunes. Actor Soham Pawaskar who had earlier been in the news for his debut Marathi film ‘Rajmudra’ established a digital marketing firm of his own called ‘The Blue Dot Media’.
Offering a variety of services including online marketing, content strategy, brand campaigns, artist management and public relations, the entrepreneur emphasizes the need for businesses to switch to modern digital services. “A majority of brands and companies are leveraging digital media to reach their target audience. I believe the number will eventually increase in the coming time”, said Mr. Pawaskar.
Furthermore, Soham even stated that social media has changed the game for millennials and teenagers. We have witnessed how small-scale brands and even luxury brands are increasing their sales by collaborating with micro and macro-influencers from different categories. Speaking about it, the digital entrepreneur said, The young minds are utilizing creative potential effectively that has helped the brands communicate their message easily to the audience.”
While Soham established the company during the lockdown, his startup has already got a lot of clients from different industries. Be it entertainment, business, politics or fashion, his company is serving clients by helping them build a strong presence over the digital ground. The expertise that he possesses is a result of his hard work and networking during his days of a corporate job in an artist management company. After launching ‘The Blue Dot Media’, Soham Pawaskar is thriving towards excellence, and his work rightly speaks volumes about himself.

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