Esha Jhanji

Actress Esha Jhanji’s Creative Endeavours Bring her Into the Spotlight as a Popular Name on the Internet

Over a decade, the way we create and consume content has changed drastically. With the adoption of social media and digital technology, anyone on the internet has the liberty of self-publishing their content. And with the evolution of video content, many media creators and influencers have got the voice to express themselves.

In this digital era, many creative professionals have earned great fortunes. Esha Jhanji, a well-known name on social media has rightly made her career as a leading influencer and an actress.

The interest that she poised in dramas and skits helped her in zeroing down her passion for acting. Being a simple girl from Punjab, Esha wanted a platform to showcase her talent, and that’s how social media changed the game for the ravishing internet star.

Following the trends of transition videos, Esha Jhanji caught everyone’s attention and achieved great reception from internet users. From short videos to Instagram reels, she did not stop and eventually built a strong fanbase.

‘Eshians’, the fans and the extended family of the fashion diva is going strong with more than 750K followers on Instagram. The beautiful feed on her Instagram page is a reflection of the diversified content that she creates about fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Speaking about achieving magnificent success, Esha says, “I am living my dream. I have always aspired to become an actress. I am grateful to the internet that has given me immense recognition for my talent. The roadway towards films is still in process, and hopefully, it shall happen soon.”

Exploring creativity in the best possible manner, Esha Jhanji loves the perk of travelling as an influencer. “There is no corporate setup, and the best thing is that I can work from any corner of the world”, reveals the fashionista. Pursuing her dreams, the internet star has rightly put herself in the spotlight of being one of the most prominent influencers.

Besides creating viral and trending content, Esha Jhanji is also going strong on YouTube with a family of more than 20K subscribers. The pace at which the talented influencer is marching shows that her future is extremely bright in the digital world.

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