Adam Edelberg on How Digital Fashion Shows Are Taking Over Runways Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many industries to find creative ways to survive. Fashion is one of the most adaptive industries in the world – it is ever-evolving. This summer, we saw many runway fashion shows go digital for the first time. Fashion designer and financial consultant Adam Edelberg offers his insights on that transition. Edelberg says that it may very well have changed the fashion industry forever.

Runway fashion shows help determine the most successful couturiers and most prominent trends. According to Edelberg, runway shows also give designers a unique opportunity to promote themselves. Therefore, these shows are integral to the economic success of fashion professionals. At the onset of the pandemic, many designers wondered if COVID-19 signified the death of their brands. Mitigating the spread of the virus meant that having large fashion shows just wouldn’t be safe. Edelberg says that Giorgio Armani led the fashion world into the digital setting. In February, Armani decided to live-stream his fashion show instead of canceling it. Edelberg says that this unorthodox decision may have saved the industry altogether.

According to Edelberg, the transition to digital runway shows opens up exciting new opportunities in the world of fashion. For so long, fashion shows have only been accessible to a select few. But now, anyone with a stable internet connection can be a part of the fashion world. Edelberg says this increased accessibility will shape the industry in years to come.

Edelberg grew up in Berlin and had his own fashion brand ‘Adam Edelberg’ until 2017. He has also worked as an assistant designer to Wolfgang Joop, creating women’s couture gowns. After working in the fashion industry for many years, he transitioned into finance. The pandemic has made business difficult for many designers and creative professionals. So he tries to assist them in managing their money correctly. Edelberg believes that entrepreneurs need good economic advice now more than ever.

The digitalization of runway fashion shows has changed the fashion industry forever. But as a designer and financial consultant, Edelberg says he is nothing but optimistic about the future of fashion.

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