Adam Veron on the top 6 Business Skills for 2021

Business skills are a vital ingredient of workplace success. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, having specific business skills will positively impact the productivity, performance, and efficiency of the company.

Top Business Skills for 2021, According to Adam Veron

Below are the top 6 business skills for 2021, namely:

  • Coaching Mindset– The first and foremost skill will be to have a coaching mindset. With the market undergoing a change and customers adapting to the new normal, employers want their teams to assist and coach others in different areas and thus create a highly engaged and connected team. A good coach will listen well, be more empathetic to the team members, demonstrate grit, and collaborate to sort hard problems.
  • Continuous Learning– Another vital business skill that employers will look for in 2021 is the ability to learn continuously. In the absence of the capability to hone and constantly build new skills, employees are likely to struggle to adapt themselves in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Learners who are continuous and agile will have a higher chance of succeeding and thriving when they are offered opportunities to learn and develop.
  • Time Management-Management of time has always been crucial, but this has become all the more important with the remote working trend. This means one’s employers need to trust that they can manage their time and get their work done sans anyone looking over their shoulder. Particularly in the current era of binge-worthy TV, social media, and smartphones, an employee needs to prove that they can both stay on target and task, says Adam Veron.
  • Emotional Intelligence– The capability of an employee to stay in tune both with their emotions as well as those around them is highly valuable than ever. This is a vital job skill in 2021. Gone are the days of leaving your issues at the door while doing work. From the acknowledgment of their own emotions to possessing empathy for their client’s and co-workers’ emotions, emotional intelligence will enable them to become a people person without being an extrovert.
  • Project Management– Understanding the complete scope of one’s projects and the capability to manage the same right from the commencement to completion is a key business skill in 2021. Following the remote working trend, it is challenging for management to keep a tab on each ongoing project. Thus, having employees that are skilled and experienced at project management will make life simpler. This will also set employees to assist others and move to the management role.
  • Increase Digital Literacy– Today, leaders are needed to understand their business and online trends, internet tools, different software, social media, and content marketing platforms to create a flourishing business plan. Although this may be intimidating or overwhelming, today, there are ample resources and online courses which can teach employees everything they need to know. It is vital to stay up to date with the latest statistics and trends. Besides, it is vital to have an understanding of future cultural and digital trends which are relevant to their business digitally.

Apart from these, the other business skills to watch out for in 2021 include search engine optimization, Google Ads, accounting, financial analysis, and others.

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