Adamm Miguest’s Digital Empire, Rapid Launch Media, Helps Artists Connect With Influencers

Los Angeles-based Entrepreneur, Adamm,  has made waves with Rapid Launch Media, a Digital Marketing Agency that helps musicians and artists make their music go viral. RLM has quickly become one of the largest companies in this space, nearly beating out competitors like Flight House and Creed Media.

Adamm Miguest, famously known as “Adamm”, is the CEO & Founder of Rapid Launch Media. RLM made over $1 Million Dollars in revenue in its first year and has worked on song campaigns for some of the biggest musicians like Don Toliver, Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, Tory Lanez, Kehlani, Busta Rhymes, Anderson Pak, etc. Adamm has also run the campaigns for 7 of the biggest song hits in the world on TikTok, songs that have amassed hundreds of millions of streams. In a recent partnership with the largest influencer house in the world ‘Club House’, Adamm has helped broker deals for many of the most followed influencers in the world and has over 1 Million Followers across his own social media platforms, primarily on Instagram and TikTok.

BackStory Of The Rapid Launch Media Empire

This intuitive and charismatic man is a digital media specialist with over 10+ years of experience in the influencer industry. Adamm started in the entertainment industry as an influencer photographer and was voted as one of the top Portrait & Fashion Photographers in Chicago. He has worked with models in nearly every major agency. As Adamm started to work with some of the biggest TikTok creators and helping them film content, he realized the benefits of promoting the music of musicians and artists through the platform. Thus, Rapid Launch Media was born. RLM was created to connect artists with influencers. And in early 2020, RLM became one of the first companies to do this for music, cementing their position as an industry leader.

Side Hustle to Rapidly Growing Enterprise

The “quarantine startup” that eventually became Rapid Launch Media, started in January 2020, and in just five months, the small business which was started as a side hustle transformed into a fast-growing company. Adamm and his team make songs go viral on TikTok by creating trends around the songs; Trends that are cool and easy to replicate so that many people will make videos to the songs, thereby helping the songs go viral. Some of these viral hits include the songs “Kolors” by Monte Booker, “LMK” by Lil Xxel, and “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters while he also worked with 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj for their songs “Trollz,” “Tory Lanez,” “Lil Skies,” etc.

The thing that separates Adamm from his peers and competitors is his intuition and knowledge of the artist’s creative capability. Adamm shares, “Just start. There are a million excuses as to why it may or may not work. But, if you start and get in the habit of working on your side hustle every day, it can become a 7 figure company in under a year. Keep your senses open to opportunity. That is all you need.”

Adamm’s work is a reminder that a man with determination and grit to keep going and evolving will never fade away or give up. He hopes to keep helping artists get their work out there on social media so that more people around the world can appreciate it. To know more, visit RLM’s website or Adamm’s Instagram to connect with him and stay connected to enhance your own journey.

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