Adapt to a Healthier Lifestyle by Reading Through Cheri Henry’s Experience!

In this article, Cheri Henry answers some of the most relevant questions asked regarding the Speed Keto diet. She goes into detail of what prompted her to, and how she first started with Speed Keto, what she learned from the experience, how challenging it was to adapt to such a new diet plan, and so on.

She further explains how trying the Speed Keto diet would most likely result in a permanent change of her lifestyle, and how it has helped her family members as well.

What made you decide to try Speed Keto? (What or Who inspired you to try out Speed Keto?)

I had become sedentary and unhealthy. After surviving Cancer and a stroke, I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. My Dr. explained to me that unless I took control of my lifestyle I was in deep trouble.

How did you learn about Speed Keto?  Friend recommendation?  Facebook group post or ad?

Several of my Dr’s nurses were doing the Keto diet and I went home to research it. In the process I came across the Facebook group  Speed Keto. After learning the program by reading and listening I determined this was doable for me. It was not just a diet selection, it was a life change that I could commit to.

Cheri Henry

Were you surprised to learn that fasting was not required to lose weight on Speed Keto?

The idea of fasting was a drawback to me but I unsuccessfully attempted it. The support group informed me that fasting was not a requirement. Since I was “in it for life” I took the approach that a steady and consistent Keto program was going to be my method of a healthy lifestyle change.

What was your experience when ‘dining out’ (or other social events) while on Speed Keto? Was it difficult or easy to stay on track and incorporate Speed Keto into your lifestyle?

After mastering new Keto-friendly cooking methods and a developed taste for healthy foods, I was ready to take it public and visit restaurants and eateries. The support group made it very easy by listing choices and options when eating out. Whether it was a celebration or a last-minute choice to eat out, there was always something available to me on menus that would keep me on track. I never felt left out. It empowered me to take care of my new lifestyle choice.

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

My new found way of eating has been noticed by my family and friends as well as the change in my health. My sister has struggled the same as I have. I traveled to her home and taught her for one week how to shop and prepare the meals recommended on Speed Keto. She is now off and running herself towards better health and appearance.

Did you follow a specific Speed Keto plan? Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan or Vegetarian?

I adopted the intermittent fasting tool to keep my metabolism burning. My last meal of the day is before 6 p.m. and I do not eat again until 12:00 the following day. I no longer eat out of habit. I look forward to the next meal and am very mindful of what goes into my mouth and fuels my body.

Did you ever attempt to do the Speed Keto Vegan or Vegetarian plan?

I have every intention of developing a Vegan Keto lifestyle at this point.

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