Addicted To High Off Life by CMILL444? Here’s More On The Artist

It all started when CMILL444 was 18 years old. He felt his life had purpose as he was deeply invested in establishing his music, for his sake as well as the sake of his target audience, which mostly consists of people from the younger generation. Some of the major artists served as an inspiration to him including Swae Lee, Juice WRLD, Good Charlotte, Paramore and Green Day.  CMILL444 has been determined to become one of the top artists of his generation.

CMILL444 has always been motivated. He won multiple awards growing up, including a number of International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) awards in New York. It was not until later that he realized his true talents. He made it his goal to not stop until he was featured in the top (music) charts on Billboard.

Last year he introduced a hit album which was titled “High Off Life” that has a total of 17 songs. You may ask if the songs are of a certain genre.  It should be noted that all the songs have different vibes to them and you can simply choose whichever ones speak to you. He freestyles most of the time and does not write his lyrics down before singing.

He makes music which promotes positivity, soothes the soul, addresses problems and creates energy.  His music creates phenomenal changes in the way people view life.  In his music, he doesn’t focus on negativity; rather, he speaks of life being simple and beautiful.  Affording everyone the opportunity to look at life in that way, aiming to make them feel on that level through his music. A very generous cause – to be honest. You are sure to become a die hard fan once you listen to his music.

CMILL444’s next single “SunKissed” is about to be released soon.  It is much awaited and will be available June 25th on his official website.  The YouTube video will premiere the following week.  “SunKissed” is surely going to take the charts by storm. It brings about the summer vibe, no more sulking over 2021 because of the pandemic.

It is time to allow yourself to feel good and get a little motivation. CMILL444 Is living proof that you can become whoever you want to be, if you have faith in yourself.  Enough of the violent chaotic music videos from popular artists. It is time to be about something that is positive, meaningful and innovative. This summer is going to be lit.  We bet everyone is pretty excited!

CMILL444 says, “You cannot compare my music to the music of other artists, because we don’t even make the same kind of music. My genre is entirely unique. Most of the people have a reaction when they first come across my music, wondering who this artist might be. I want people to continue to be intrigued by my music. After all, music is my entire life and I wouldn’t know where I would be without it. Good vibes 444ever!”

If you were looking for a sign to motivate you to meditate and bring a peaceful aura, this is it, this is you’re calling.


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