Adnan Javid Khan: Start Early for Later and Greater Good

Adnan Javid Khan is among the youngest entrepreneurs, internet marketing, and social media marketing expert from Baramulla, India. Khan started his career in his early teens when he was just 14 years old. Soon he founded an internet marketing company known as Notorious Digital Media in 2017. Since then he has been managing his affairs on his own. He is popular for single-handedly managing and running his enterprise. This young lad aspires much to follow and achieve in his life. Adnan Javid Khan wants to reach out to as many people as possible who are involved in any business venture and wants to rule out some basic problems and solutions for them. 

Let’s hear it from him!

You are not the only one with problems, hurdles can be very difficult to deal with and defy. But these should not turn away from your wish. The complications can come up anytime and those who are strong and experienced can easily overcome these issues defying them as challenges feel the young man – Khan. 

Learn from your mistakes, everyone errs and commit mistakes, you can’t walk straight when you start learning as a toddler. Perhaps the same way you cannot get everything to work perfectly all as you start. “Mistakes can pave the way out to perfection as you learn from them and start preventing the same for the next time”, quotes Adnan.

Learn from your competitors and highlight your work. Let’s say you are into digital marketing and your competitors are getting clients better than you. You are probably having a lower ratio of getting clients often than them. To improve in this aspect, you need to be known in the market, fit in all possible scopes, and highlight your work out-and-out. You can harness clients by strategizing properly, and nevertheless learn from your competitors, learn where they do it better than you, says Adnan.

Enhance your ideas. You never know what can be your one-way ticket to success. It is difficult to implement your ideas in a way sometimes. However, implementation is a way better action, and ignoring good ideas is for instance ignoring the possibility of earning success. So think twice whether to decide and implement a good idea or not.

Be prepared for consequences. This is a common thing that probably almost everybody can or will experience. It is the outcome that can go contrary. So one has to be prepared for unanticipated consequences as well, and do their best to bounce back and get things back together. After all, this can prove to be a heads-up to you for any solitary issue, which you have faced earlier.

Last but not the least, give time to your loved ones. After getting involved in a business there is the least amount of time left for your social life and other activities. These include spending some quality time with your family and loved ones for a healthy state of mind, We all know that life is a solitary journey offered to us. It is never too complicated to get into superfluous activities so that you may get out of the blue and ruin your relationships. So stay happy and calm, give it time, and keep everything rich and righteous for a healthier state of mind and existence.

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