Adolfo Salume: “I Wanted to Impact People’s Lives Through My Businesses”

There are entrepreneurs, and then there are serial entrepreneurs. Adolfo Salume is one of the latter. As the owner of several dozen businesses, Salume has built a widespread empire. His companies span many industries, including fast food, soccer, tech, and charitable institutions.

Salume focuses on the commonalities between his different businesses. Some of his special skills are marketing and branding. Through proper social media presence and marketing, he believes that a company can flourish. A prime example comes from his popular fast food business, Mister Donut, a subsidiary of Dunkin’ brands. A two for one doughnut campaign was so successful. Salume sees any successful business as a way to help people. With jobs come economic freedom, and with economic freedom comes success. According to Salume, business and finance are how he hopes to make a difference in the world.

For Salume, it all started with a degree in economics from Harvard. His first career was as an investment banker on Wall Street. Afterward, he began to build his business empire. He is from El Salvador, but Salume’s businesses span multiple countries. His career has also expanded to involve politics, an uncommon route for a businessman. He was involved in the creation of the Salvadoran Democracy party and even ran for mayor of San Salvador. Salume’s life outside of business includes six children and a love for soccer.

Salume’s diverse portfolio makes him an entrepreneur worth watching. It is hard to say what turns his career will take next. Regardless, it is certain that Salume is a giant of the industry. Whatever moves he makes are sure to be impactful on the business, politics, and socio-economic climate of El Salvador.

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