VDJ Shaan

After Blowing Away India, VDJ Shaan is set to go International

India is home to incredible talents who have made their mark in different fields. As far as art and music are concerned, the country has many budding talents shaping up the future with their artistic skills. When we talk about music, the first thing that comes to our mind is mood. In other words, music decides the mood and vibe of the place.

The most common example is clubs and pubs that have gained popularity because of some kickass music played there. The ones who create the vibe at the party destinations are the DJs who get unnoticed. VDJ Shaan, one of the popular and emerging names in the music industry is appealing the masses with his quirky tunes and video mixes.

Known to enthral the audience under the big LED panels in clubs and events, VDJ Shaan is a past master in mixing Bollywood, Hip Hop, Trap, Twerk, House Music and Moombahton. He started his journey as a DJ by performing at the clubs and pubs of Mumbai.

In the last few years, he has gained tremendous popularity among the masses for his Bollywood and Punjabi remixes. The guy who started from Mumbai gradually performed at clubs and events in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur and other cities of the country. His talent has taken him offshores, and Shaan has performed on stage and in the studio with Sonu Nigam and Salim Merchant who are his idols.

VDJ Shaan since a very early age had a flair of mixing songs. That saw him perform as a DJ at normal parties after which he performed at clubs, events and other occasions. In his successful career, he has done more than 150 live acts and has joined hands with many other DJs and music artists.

“Every artist is unique and has an identity which represents him or her. I have always learnt something new from the people I meet. Music as a field is diverse and has got different genres which can light up your mood”, quoted Shaan. As a VDJ, he has added a flavour of his own in some quirky mixes.

Many of his Bollywood and Punjabi remixes are unique in their way. For his exemplary work, VDJ Shaan was earlier awarded as the no.1 VDJ. By his work, he has made a place for himself among the top 100 DJs of India. After the pandemic, the situation has eased out, and VDJ Shaan is back in his game.

The DJ is all set to roar and smash again with his performances in clubs. “Once everything gets back to normal, I cannot wait to get back on stage in front of thousands of people”, he added. Looking at his enthusiasm, VDJ Shaan is all set to fly across borders and entertain all the music lovers with some lovely mixes.


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