After Conquering Professional Boxing, Hammo Takes on Rap

Hammo not only has strong shoulders and arms to keep punching round after round as a professional boxer. He also has a great story and an excellent talent for music and songwriting that enable him to thrive in the music industry.

As someone who was not born with money and faced a difficult upbringing, Hammo is not foreign to life’s hardships. His journey towards his dream may not have been smooth and easy, but he was able to use those challenges to bounce back from his struggles and rise as a winner, not only in the boxing ring but also in life.

Hammo’s Humble Beginnings to His Musical Career

Hammo was born in Glen Innes, a small town in Australia and currently lives in Tamworth, New South Wales. He might have had a tough childhood, but that did not stop him from reaching his dreams.

Since he was not born with a privileged life, he knew from the beginning that he had to work hard to get to where he wanted to be. Thanks to his powerful will and determination, he turned his life around and became an inspiration to many.

Conquering professional boxing

Hammo established his name as a music artist and writer, but prior to his rapping career, he built a strong reputation as a professional boxer. He started as an amateur at an early age of twelve and eventually went professional in 2014.

Due to his short temper and impressive fighting abilities both in the boxing ring and in the street, he became popular in the boxing world. As a professional boxer, he won two New South Wales titles in two different weight divisions.

Taking on rap

Although he was doing well as a professional boxer in his early years, Hammo realized his talent for rapping and used it as a platform to motivate others by telling his life story. He wanted share his journey by turning his feelings, unique experiences, and encounters into songs.. Through his music you can better understand or at least get a glimpse of his emotions drawn from his stress, anxiety, and struggles during the dark days of his life.

On 15 May 2020, Hammo released his first album called Invictus featuring notable tracks like ‘HGH Checkmate,’ starring a popular American rapper, Stitches. This debut album represents his boxing career and personal life, illuminating his story from childhood toward his early achievements.

On 12 November 2020, Hammo released another song called Can’t Quit Now, which is currently his most viewed YouTube song. This song speaks about his feelings after losing his grandmother, who has played a massive role in his life and became a mother to him after leaving home at the age of 12.

Anyone can find the lyrics to his songs relatable, regardless now matter how tough their experiences in life may have been. With his story and experiences turned into music, you can find the song as if it speaks to you and you feel the emotions through the lyrics.

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