After Reaching Pinnacles of Success, Fashion Designer Behnood Javaherpour now Wants to Give Back to the Society.

Art, properties, riches, he’s seen it all and has decided to walk the philanthropic path going ahead in life.

Some blessed souls want to reach out to those in need if they have the capabilities and that’s seen in the rarest of rare people, like Behnood Javaherpour who has today reached the top as far as his professional career goes and is making efforts towards lending a helping hand for the betterment of humankind.

Many would like to know how he rose to such astounding heights of success despite any backing, financial or otherwise, which is impressive by all standards. At 35, he stands at towering heights and calls the shots. With no support since the onset of his career, he has given many a reason to be in awe of his stupendous glory, which many ever after years of experience are deprived of and long for.

His spectacular empire which is worth every drop of sweat and blood that went into its making is estimated to be worth millions, making him brush shoulders amongst the world’s wealthiest business magnates. The speed with which he has spiraled northwards has him thinking of an early retirement when he’s just in his mid-thirties. Backed by his networking skills and charm has got him where he stands today.

“I started as a fabric broker, later studied international business and then headed towards Instituto Marangoni which kick-started my career,” says Javaherpour. Presently his abodes are spread wide across the globe, which is really awe-inspiring. Creating a multimillion empire consisting of art, property and fashion wear, this gentleman has exceeded his own expectations and made impossible look like a cakewalk.

From clothing to investing in art and properties to even selling European horses in Dubai and Iran, Behnoode has done it all and raked in the moolah, which made him think of going the philanthropic way. Donating 100% of his clothing line Behnoode’s profits to underprivileged children in Nepal was a big step, which was followed by building schools in not so privileged countries and lending his hands in support of many such noble causes.

To know more about his work, follow him on Instagram: @behnoodjavaherpour.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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