Ahelghanai Goes Full Rock With new EP ‘Quicksand’

Seattle, Washington – Libyan-American rapper Ahelghanai raises the roof with rock debut Quicksand Ahelghanai’s (Ah!) new EP Quicksand is already gaining him a new audience of fans with his fresh yet nostalgic take on rock n’ roll. Ahelghanai is a longtime fan of the genre; he grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Linkin Park. Ah! has now thrown his name into the ring with six-track offerings that fuse elements of Alternative, Indie, Nu Metal, and even Country with his trademark ambient melodies and frank style of rapping.

In contrast, the project is a seemingly abrupt departure from his traditional melodic trap sound, Ah! Gave listeners hints of what was in the works as far back as last May when “Runaway,” the first single off his most recent album HeartBreak’s A Beach 2, dropped. The single was powered by a classic guitar riff and would later be accompanied by two more rock joints on its final tracklist. Quicksand is Ah!’s full embrace of the genre and is definitive proof that the exploration wasn’t a gimmick.

With largely positive initial feedback from the release, the rapper now stands among the ranks of modern rock musicians, and if Quicksand is any indicator, he feels right at home. While many artists borrow elements from other genres and incorporate them into their music, very few are capable of turning on a dime and making a different genre their own.

Quicksand firmly places Ah! in the latter category. While he eagerly awaits the decline of the Covid-19 pandemic so that he can tour, Quicksand will no doubt continue to gain traction as more rock fans discover the project.

Pocket Star Records is excited to announce the new album from Ahelghanai, Quicksand, which will be available worldwide on Apple Music and Spotify Monday, February 1st, 2021. This album contains six new songs from Ahelghanai.

Track 1: Dremamine

Track 2: You and a Foreign

Track 3:  One of a Kind

Track 4: Speed Racer

Track 5: Survival of the Fittest

Track 6: Highway 95 (Bonus Track)

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Sanad Elghanai

(425) 368-8447


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