Ahmed Alawadhi Helps People to Strategize When Buying a House

Ahmed Alawadhi

Dispensing his skyscraping, hard-earned experience of 17+ years, and becoming a connoisseur of the real-estate, Ahmed Alawadhi is the proprietor of two notable and major-league real-estate firms, AM properties in the US and Silverline real estate in Dubai. An acquirer of dual degrees, a bachelor in International Business And Marketing and a Masters’s degree in Business Management from the top-grade universities, an engenderer of chances with a pioneering approach, an explorer of international markets of Michigan, Dubai, Minsk-Belarus, and Montenegro, and many others, Alawadhi has procured par-excellent skills in leadership and negotiation.

Alawadhi has developed a fondness towards traveling, his ventures leading to newer opportunities. Over time, Ahmed has also generated a prowess to analyze and predict the market trends to near perfection. Recently, Alawadhi, an advisor to a plethora of newbies entering the market, propounded regarding the purchase of houses, keeping in perspective the prevailing scenario.

Alawadhi, being rigorously queried about the right moment to purchase a house, claimed that such an interrogation in the current circumstances is relatively complex. Presently, though, it’s cheapest than ever to finance a house with the feds support. With the interest rate being at its historical lowest, there’s an incalculable vagueness and cloudiness regarding the housing market for the next 3 years.

Proffering the possibilities, Alawadhi explicated, firstly the prices could shoot up due to inflation as the handsome amount of money involved with the real-estate. Real estate is viewed as a tangible safety for plenty of investors, particularly those who speculate the stock and currency market. Secondly, there’s a risk of the market crashing down due to the unemployment and expected foreclosures. People turning incapable of paying rent and mortgage loans and with degrading incomes lose the ability to pay bills. There’s a high chance of a worst-case of huge supply, no demand, replicating the 2007 scenario.

Alawadhi states, “ My prediction, and I state prediction because there’s no certainty. The end result would be a combined scenario of both probabilities. Offsetting each other, there will be a slight change in the market price. It will be a small fall in prices first due to the recent hype in mid-2020 and the price will go further down back to 2016, I would emphasize. An estimate of 15% to 20% fall in most of the US market. Areas like Austin, TX however will continue to grow due to the extra high demand and short of supply.”

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