AI-Marketing Assistant Copysmith Helps Marketing Agencies & Businesses Increase Productivity 


Copysmith started as an idea that turned into a business from OpenAI alumni and Thiel Fellow Jasmine Wang, who has worked for years building and testing with AI to help speed up productivity and efficiency for normal human based jobs.

What artificial intelligence (AI) can do within Copysmith is quite remarkable. Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page wondering what to write for your next social post? Or what about thinking of how to make your product description stand out online in order to make visitors want to buy your product?

With Copysmith you can generate ideas and results for your copywriting and marketing copy literally in seconds. Take a look at the homepage below.

To be clear, Copysmith isn’t a tool to completely replace your copywriter (although it does generate fantastic copy). It is more of a tool to help you and your marketing team generate new creative ideas and copy you hadn’t thought of before.

It also allows you to save time and energy so you can focus on implementing campaigns and getting results for your clients vs thinking about where to start from.

This is why thousands of marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are currently using Copysmith to help them with their marketing copywriting.

How Can You Use AI to Generate Marketing Content?

You might be thinking, how is it that AI can actually generate marketing copy for you? A job that has belonged to humans for decades.

In 2020 OpenAI released GPT-3 out into the world to allow others to build their own tools and apps on the infrastructure they have built. This is when CEO & founder, Jasmine Wang ended up getting together with a couple friends and they put the first pieces of Copysmith together.

Through the power of GPT-3 and natural language processing, Copysmith is able to generate lots of variations of marketing copy within a matter of seconds. What makes it extremely easy to use is the fact that all you need to do is put in a few keywords, a sentence about what you want it to generate, a link if it asks, and then you click generate.

What type of content can you create with AI & Copysmith?

Copysmith can generate a lot of different marketing content and a few of the examples are listed below.

  • Facebook & Google Ad copy
  • Blog Ideas
  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Content
  • Instagram or Facebook captions
  • Copywriting

How can you increase your productivity with Copysmith?

With Copysmith it takes the guesswork out of what you should write for your product description. Or what your next blog title or social media caption should be.

Copysmith allows you to go from zero or a blank page to multiple options you can then copy and paste into your social channels. It’s very easy and effortless.

Just think about the time you will save having to not think about blog ideas, social media captions and product descriptions. As an entrepreneur or marketer your time is precious and Copysmith helps you get back some of that time with ideas and content for your marketing generated in seconds. Now you can focus on the results of your campaigns and your clients.

Sign up for a free trial and take Copysmith for a test drive.

This is just the beginning of cutting edge AI software coming to fruition to help marketers and e-commerce store owners increase productivity and create eye-capturing copy that makes visitors click and buy.

Copysmith is well on its way to becoming a leader for AI in marketing and AI based marketing.

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