Aidan Sowa Shares the top 5 tips to utilize PR to have a thriving business

Aidan Sowa is the founder of Sowa Marketing Agency, a 7 figure public relations agency. Here are some tips Aidan gives for improving your PR to help you have a thriving business.

  1. Control your news.

While you can’t control what other people say about your business, you can control your message. Since you know the news firsthand, you can also set the tone with a strong PR strategy.

You can control your brand’s messaging by being first to break good (or bad) news. For the truth, people will usually go to the source, not a journalist or editor.

Additionally, you can use your website or a newsletter to send out authentic, first-party updates from your company to help distribute your own message.

  1. Produce great content.

PR strategies that position your brand as a subject matter expert begin with controlling the messaging you send out into the world.

It will help position your brand as an expert and straight shooter about your subject matter if you create a fact-based press release with succinct solutions. Your company will also become a trusted source in this area, which can bring you more customers.

  1. Honesty is the best policy.

A good PR strategy always includes a crisis communication plan. You’ll be glad you prepared for these communications if the need arises.

Honesty is always the best policy in this department. If you keep the public informed and don’t stretch the truth, your transparency will be appreciated and your reputation will be authentic. Avoid hiding anything because it will only make matters worse when the truth eventually surfaces.

  1. Stay trendy with social media.

It is almost a requirement these days to keep up with trends and have a presence on social media in addition to honest communication. Without a social media presence, brands can be perceived as outdated or lagging by their target audiences.

Public relations provides a service to the media and online communities. Consumers will typically understand you as a storyteller rather than a salesperson.

It is possible to reach a wider audience and provide more timely updates by dividing your focus between media houses and social media channels. You can control the channels instead of waiting to be published. By maintaining a consistent social media presence, you’ll be able to reach journalists and reporters who follow businesses’ social media accounts.

  1. Consistency is key.

PR strategies won’t lead to instant success. In order to align your messaging with your marketing department, you need a long-term PR plan.

To be successful, you need consistency across channels and consistency in updates.

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