Aiming to Impact the Lives of Millions of People as a Coach, Woman Entrepreneur and Financial Educator is Aurélie-Jung Moron

People have long known stories of how a few individuals have taken shortcuts in life to get nearer their goals faster. However, success stories that always connect deeply with people are the ones that are made from the ground up and scratch and the ones that exude the true determination and passion of the individual. Aurélie-Jung Moron has become that example to the world who worked day and night to reach the position she enjoys today as a woman business entrepreneur, a top leader in network marketing, an energy coach and what not.

Aurelie today is driven by her mission to raise the mindsets of many in the world through her prowess as an energy coach, by getting people nearer to coachability, determination, actions and transform their lives from being ordinary individuals to powerful leaders of the world. In fact, she believes that amidst a pandemic, now is the time more than ever to launch herself as a positive energy coach, unifying people and making them stronger, and emphasizing on understanding the mind that creates the reality for people every day.

Life had started very early for her as she knew what happiness truly means and what it is to survive in this vast world. She began channelising her energies in different activities in school and excelled at everything she did. After growing up, her love for classical music made her a classical music agent who worked for many young international artists by promoting them and booking them for festivals and events.

Life always planned something bigger and better for her and she realized the importance of being financially independent. For this, Aurelie began travelling and entered the field of network marketing which showed her hope to become a wealthy business personality. She began to work on herself and took inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki’s books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, the Enterprise of the 21st Century. She was also greatly influenced by geniuses like Albert Einstein, Kevin Trudeau, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins.

Her sixth sense and her knowledge allied the field of network marketing with cryptocurrency and forex education and trading, which swiftly moved her to the top of the game in network marketing, making her one of the most influential Business Partner with a leading name in crypto and forex trading connected with an innovative banking platform.

Today, Aurelie feels passionate about awakening people and entrepreneurs to the law of attraction, the law of abundance, the law of harmony for them to use every day and make them happier. As a positive energy coach and a world traveller, through her public speaking and motivational speeches, she wishes to transform people all over the world and share her vital message of love, joy and prosperity through her conferences, e-books and videos.

Aurelie always wanted to inspire more people and help them taste success with earning them the financial prosperity they always desired. For this, she recently founded A.D.N. Million-Ère, a community of leaders from all over the world, where she coaches people online and with live events to realize their goals and get them closer to financial freedom.

As a world globetrotter she aims to impact the lives of +100 millions of people and lead them towards living a life that is spiritually happy and financially free.

To know more about Aurelie you can visit and follow her on Instagram @aureliemoron / photography ©️ charlotte melis

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