Air Force Personnel Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’ Launches “Day Turns Dark” Novel to Fund Social Activities of Gora Foundation

Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’ is a social activist and emerging novelist cum screenplay writer. He is a fellow member of Screen Writers Association Mumbai. He started “Gora Foundation Trust” an NGO that creates awareness on organ donation.

He has set up five community libraries in rural areas to make books accessible to the readers. Sunil Sihag a resident of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, who has served with the Indian Air Force for 15 years, has authored “Day Turns Dark” a novel that revolves around love, friendship, and career.

Day Turns Dark: Unique plot, vivid narration and a skillfully crafted love story

Day Turns Dark is a story about young love, stolen dreams, of moralities and sacrifices. The plot consists of a twofold timeline – one with a dreamy romance of the young days and the latter with the realism of life. Nitin, the protagonist is an idealistic and a relatable young man, he finds himself tugging in moral dilemmas of his life situations.

The story is fast paced since beginning, and it’s really hard to keep the book down. All characters in the story are well-constructed and the plot becomes more and more gripping as the story progresses.

This would be an amazing read to anyone who has experienced love. It brings back good old memories from one’s younger days and raises some introspective questions about love and moralities on the reader’s mind.

Key strength of the book is the writing style, which is very descriptive. The choice of words is as apt as it can be. The author really paints a vivid picture and opens the door for a lot of imagination and thoughtfulness. One area of opportunity would be with the proofreading. The book had certain layout and typos issues at places.

All in all, Day turns Dark would be a highly recommended book with a unique plot that stands out among other romantic fictions. It has a vivid narration and a skillfully crafted story. The master stroke of the writer’s artistic creation is the spine-tingling ending of the book. The novel ranked first in Amazon’s movers and shakers category & ranked second in the hot new release category on launching day.

The creative process of writing a novel and screenplay is neither a profession nor a passion for me but it’s rather a part of the evolution process of my social adventure to contribute the society and enrich the human life with values. I strive hard to explore myself through various campaigns of GORA FOUNDATION TRUST, NETEWALA for social goods

The most important thing to be discussed about Sunil Sihag ‘Gora’ is his kind heart. He is resolved to spend the entire revenue generated by the book for organ donation awareness campaign of NOTTO and for opening public libraries in rural areas.

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