Airton Barbalho & the Endermo Prime Method for stretch marks

Stretch marks have always been a great challenge for aesthetic professionals, there are numerous procedures that exist with the aim of minimizing the aesthetic effects that they cause, but, until a short time, stretch marks had almost no solution.

In 2016, at the Aesthetics Hair Brasília fair, which is one of the largest aesthetics fairs that take place in Brazil, the young student Airton Barbalho was already teaching his method to thousands of professionals who passed by.

In principle, the method was still called ´´Micro Endermo Puntura¨, later being called ´´Endermo Prime¨. From the beginning, the method was very successful, with the young student and professional imparting his method throughout the country to many types of professionals who are dedicated to aesthetics such as physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, estheticians and others.

About the Endermo Prime Method

Unlike other methods that only camouflage stretch marks, Endermo Prime causes inflammation in the skin that induces regeneration and improves the aesthetic and general appearance, leaving the skin firmer and smoother.

The entire treatment has more or less 6 sessions that can vary the interval between one session and another depending on the regeneration process of each client. Endermo Prime is not indicated for people who use anticoagulants or who have problems with thrombosis.

Endermo Prime International

After the great success of the method in Brazil, with the course being taught in all regions of the country, the course later expanded to other countries in America. Currently, Professor Airton Barbalho continues with the courses in Europe. In Spain, the course has already been known by many professionals, who today use the method in their jobs, obtaining success and generating satisfaction for their clients.


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