Ajinkya Kadale – “A Fit-Traveller”

It is well said that passion keeps a man alive but not everyone gets to live it. Being a working professional you have a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders but one who knows to manage it keeps their passion alive.

Ajinkya Kadale is an influencer based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is an athlete and have always loved to be in a spot light. Being a cricketer he knows what fitness keep a value in the life of an athlete. So he started his journey as an influencer in 2017 where he skilled himself into fitness niche. He made a statement that fitness is not just about having six pack abs, it’s a lifestyle in making.

Ajinkya has transformed over 120+ clients when the world was hit by this deadly virus in 2020. He has also worked with 25+ brands till date. He has also been addressed as the emerging fitness icon from Navi Mumbai by websites such as Dailyhunt, India saga, medium, yolo daily etc.

Ajinkya currently works in the world of marketing with fitness freelancing being as a side income to him. But this passionate athlete is a keen traveller as well. He makes travel vlogs on YouTube named as Ajinkya NaviMumbiker. For his immense love for fitness & travel his followers named him as ,
“A FITTRAVELLER”. He has travelled to 20+ beautiful cities of India ranging from the ocean to the desert and to the mountains.

At his age when people just tend to make money without enjoying their life, this Fit-Traveller has made a perfect work-life balance.

He inspires people not just to live a life, but to live a life that you have always dreamed of.

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