AK Digital and the Kaansanity Brand Highlight the Importance of Social Media in Marketing Communication

Los Angeles, CA / November 2020—Marketing communication has greatly evolved with the turn of the century. Gone are the days when marketing was a one-way street. With the emergence of the digital space, marketing has become an open conversation between brands and their customers. On a mission to help companies engage their audiences, AK Digital was built to assist clients navigate today’s cutthroat social media marketing industry.

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably heard of Kaansanity! His real name is Aakaanksh Autade and with just over 3.8 million followers on the app, he’s hard to miss! Coupled with his large TikTok presence, he also runs a marketing agency named AK Digital where he has worked with tons of clients around the world.

AK Digital is reshaping the digital landscape with its innovative and practical solutions, tailored to fit various markets from all walks of life. The company generates thousands annually through its diverse clientele and AK Digital caters to various social media management and digital marketing needs, including Facebook ads, paid traffic, and lead generation.  

AK Digital has been pivotal to the success of some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies and multiple online ventures. Over the years, the company has created engaging advertising campaigns for Grammarly, Chegg, Amazon, Public, Bartleby’s and more! Known for its strategies in establishing paid traffic for its clients on social media, AK Digital has allowed brands to sail a cut above the rest. The company primarily utilizes Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok (one of the fastest-growing platforms today) for implementing its strategies.

“We provide results-driven social media marketing services and work closely with marketers every step of the way to integrate social media as an essential business practice,” remarked AK Digital CEO Aakaanksh Autade. Furthermore, the company believes that social media is the essence of modern marketing, recognizing its role in bridging the gap between consumers and brands and the ability to connect people anywhere in the world. “If brands want to be relevant to consumers, they must take a ‘social media’ approach to marketing communications,” added the CEO.

“As a child, I always wanted to work for myself. I loved the world of entrepreneurship and took part in reselling, dropshipping, stocks, and web design,” shared Aakaanksh. He began by learning the ropes of Facebook ads before finding his niche in e-commerce and social media marketing. Today, Aakaanksh is furthering the cause of social media marketing through AK Digital.

Asked if AK Digital has some tips for emerging online businesses, Aakaanksh shared that an entrepreneur should first find an excellent market to establish one’s niche and build a business model around it. Second, one should focus on what the customer wants. “It’s important that all of your energy goes into the customer experience,” said Aakaanksh. Next, a good entrepreneur should always know their competition. Keeping good records is also on his list, highlighting organization and accountability. Lastly, Aakaanksh shared that one should be persistent in business to succeed.

“Take every opportunity as a learning experience,” shared the CEO. On top of managing AK Digital, Aakaanksh Autade also takes time to grow further by building a non-profit company called Snap-Tutors, focused on bridging the gap between students and the opportunity to learn amid these trying times. The CEO noticed how students were struggling because of the lack of a one-on-one classroom setting and Snap-Tutors not only allows them to learn but also provides meaningful volunteering opportunities. 

Learn more about AK Digital on its website.

Company Name: AK Digital

Email: aakaanksh.business@gmail.com

Phone Number: 408 888 9662

Website: www.aakaanksh.com

Instagram: @kaansanity

TikTok handle: @kaansanity

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