Akash Singh – Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur

Akash Singh, a dynamic and young entrepreneur, 24, did his bachelor’s and began working in a firm where he learned about Internet Marketing, its applications, and how this field had overpowered the world whilst working from his own place. That is when he realized, to uproot his family’s economic conditions and to be financially independent, Web Marketing can be one of the best ways to earn money.

So, he finally equipped himself in the learning of Digital Marketing tactics such as PPC, various Social Media platforms, etc. However, after stockpiling at least 3 years of Online Marketing experience in the relevant field, he took a desperate move in 2019, to get started with his own business – a Digital Marketing Company in India.

In the beginning, he was in a dilemma about starting his firm because he was having only 500Rs in his hands but strengthening himself and confident he achieved his dreams. And now after so many months of persistent efforts, he is earning handsome money whilst handling 20 people’s team who serve clients with reliable and trustworthy services from different locations.

Through Digital Marketing, one can reach an enormous audience that will not only be cost-effective but also measurable too. Akash Singh had laid out some of his secrets about his organization that began into the process in 2019, that through Online Marketing he has achieved his aim of creating immense numbers of opportunities to know his targeted audience and allow them to know him personally which had aided him in return to forge a good Brand recognition.

Talking about his journey, the young entrepreneur shares some inspiring thoughts with us.

Why has digital marketing become so successful in the last few years?

Retargeting is one of the major reasons for digital marketing to be so successful. Customer’s every move can be tracked at any instant if he is interacting with our advertisement on any of the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc, and can use this relevant data to re-target them in the future.

Do you think that Digital Marketing or Web Marketing will lead the future?

The scope gets much wider than we have ever expected for the concept of Digital Marketing and it will remain the most powerful way of Marketing in the future as it is today.

How can one succeed in the Digital Marketing field?

As the dynamics of Online Marketing are changing every single day, a Digital Marketing Expert has to be agile, alert, smart, and should get adapted to the latest changes and trends. Some strategies come into play to be successful in the Online Marketing stream:

He/she should be courageous enough to learn and grow in the respective field.
Be constantly growing.
Should know targeting customers, etc.

What obstruction have you faced while achieving your goals?

There were immense numbers of complications existing in my life during that period such as lack of money to make my business stand up, I was in debt, lack of trust in family and people surrounding me.

How do you motivate yourself when you get unfocused during tough times?

Everyone faces bad days in their lives, but the only thing that keeps me moving forward was my family’s financial situation and an urge to earn more to live a better life. Hence, I always drag myself back to the task to be disciplined and result-oriented which changed my world completely positively.

Do you really think that Digital Marketing delivers trustable services to your customers?

Yes, according to my experience, Digital Marketing or Online Marketing ensures trustable and reliable services to our esteemed customers which results in client satisfaction. To reach this level, one has to persistently improve himself and his organizational services continuously for performing better and delivering excellent online services.

What are the upcoming digital media trends would you like to suggest?

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving trend. As a Digital Marketing professional, there are various trends that are in use these days. Therefore, it is very obligatory to learn and grow in this field and for that; you have to be active.

How can you inspire people in your own words?

As a Digital Marketing Expert, Akash Singh has a simple mantra: Just be aware of your instincts, trust yourself, and have the courage to follow your dreams. Be unbreakable during the tough times in your life. If you stick to this, you will surely reap positive outcomes!

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