Akhilendra Sahu: The Youngest Serial Entrepreneur Who is Reforming the Business Industry

India has reached a milestone in terms of technological advances. Digitalization is rapidly taking over business and commerce. In the past decade, people have become more inclined towards the internet and are putting it to good use. It has led to the birth of many young entrepreneurs in the country that have their own unique and creative ideas. These youngsters have not only reformed the e-businesses but have also made a dent in the business world for themselves. One such young and visionary entrepreneur who paved his way to success is Akhilendra Sahu. He’s also known as the “World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur.”

Sahu began his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. Like most youngsters of his age, he too had little understanding of the business world. However, he was willing to learn and had a dream to set up his company. He started working as a freelancer initially just to gain the insights and knowledge in the industry. There were many difficulties that he faced then. He was often called too young and crazy to have such big dreams. But he never let it affect him. He toiled hard to achieve what he has now. His perseverance and determination put a sign of success in his life. He founded ASTNT Technologies Private Limited when he was 17 and is currently its CEO.

Unlike most youngsters of his age who are either studying to work a stereotypical 9-to-5 job or are still unsure regarding what to pursue as a career, Sahu is enjoying the fruits of his deeds. He is earning more than what teenagers of his age can only imagine. He has rightfully earned what he has today. He never let failure to get to him. Instead, Sahu used it as stepping stone to his successful entrepreneurial journey.

Now at the age of 19, he has founded a number of other companies. Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider,) ASTNT Media (30+ News Sites Network,) HeyIndia (Social Media App,) StartUp199 (Web Development,) 2Newswire (Press Release Distribution Company,) InfinityFame (Public Figures Marketing Agency,) and The Publishly are all his establishments and achievements in life.

Sahu never aimed to be rich, his only motto was to see his dream come true and help others in life. There are still a lot many things that he has to achieve in life. He’s learning new things every day. He is working hard as an entrepreneur to reform the small and large businesses. He wishes to aid people to become successful like him. He aims to provide best services to all of his clients. He is well aware that a satisfied client can bring growth to the company.

To all the budding young entrepreneurs, Sahu urges them to think uniquely. He wishes them to be optimistic and consistent in their path towards success. His advice to them is simple- if you wish to be successful in life, never let anyone to limit your potential. Success can be achieved only if you are willing to give your everything for it.

You can follow Sahu on Facebook (@iamakhilendra) and also on Instagram (@akhilendra_sahu).

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