Album 2 Is Coming – Amalia Kadis Is Already Back in the Studio

Around the beginning of last year, Amalia Kadis stepped into the EDM scene with multiple single releases within a couple of months. It was her second song “Goodbye”, with electronic producer REDD, that would hit the charts and make her known to audiences all over the world. A year on, Kadis has an enthusiastic and extremely loyal fanbase going far beyond her base in Tokyo.

The most common thing in the electronic music industry would have been a spell of touring, proving yourself to live audiences and promoting unreleased tracks, building momentum. But Kadis signed with Aplux Records and decided to go straight for her debut album, since global public restrictions started keeping the world in an headlock at the time, making touring impossible. A smart and humble decision, with the resulting debut album, which was released in summer, proving to turn a great success.

Even more than just being very well receipted and celebrated by her supporters, additional single releases came with visuals, that turned intrigued listeners into fans. The striking presence of the artist behind the music makes Amalia Kadis a complete product, that doesn’t need to be sold, but sells itself.

A real win for her label, with an unmatched work ethic that saw her head right back into the studio as soon as the album was released.

With that information in mind, the fans have been rumoring about the release date for her second album for a while now. And though the artist did not make the mistake to put the pressure of a public release date on herself yet, she did not deny the fact of the work being in progress. When asked about her follow up being recorded and whether a release would be likely this year, journalists were told ‘definitely’. A short and simple answer that has fans ecstatic.

Since Kadis music is the perfect sleepless summer night soundtrack, you would reasonably assume that we won’t have to wait too long to hear new music from the talented songwriter. And who knows, maybe by the time that festivals are actually happening again, and clubs and beach bars are re-opening their doors and dance floors, a brand new long player made in Tokyo will be spinning on the decks.

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