Alex Feinberg Speaks on Importance of Mental Health

Alex Feinberg

Alex Feinberg is a native of the Bay Area and has his career graph interestingly marked which started primarily as a baseball player, the next thing to follow was working for Google then Crypto currency to today being a finance and tech expert.

As one says, “if your roots are strong you always keep growing and branching out never settling for less.” Alex too got his roots strong at the field while playing baseball.

Being a successful entrepreneur is no cake walk and Alex has achieved success by not just working hard but smart too. He says,”It’s not always about working hard, it’s also about marking your way to reach your goals faster, even if it’s a short-cut and if you feel it can work in your favor take it and if you’re not sure take the risk, it’ll give you experience. What experience teaches you no human can ever teach you”

“Weather you have a job or a business, your center of attention should be finding a solution and not focusing on the problem as the solution is what’s going end the problem. To get this always working, one thing I learnt on the field is that it’s all about being mentally fit more than physical fitness.”

Alex just untangled our minds with this tip and is surely a great one for a teenager, an adult, a working human or an entrepreneur.

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